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How to say work in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for work? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for work
el trabajo noun
job, labor, assignment, occupation, toil
trabajar verb
job, labor, labour
la obra noun
play, piece, oeuvre, handiwork, building site
la labor noun
task, labor, toil, labour
funcionar verb
function, run, operate, perform, act
el empleo noun
employment, job, use, occupation, employ
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause
obrar verb
act, do
la ocupaciĆ³n noun
occupation, occupancy, employment, job, tenure
operar verb
elaborar verb
develop, elaborate, work out, process, hammer out
estudiar verb
study, investigate, look at, research, survey, analyze
accionar verb
actuate, act, apply
lograr verb
achieve, accomplish, get, attain, reach, obtain
tener trabajo verb
manejar verb
handle, manage, drive, operate, use
emplear verb
use, employ, hire, engage, invest, occupy
hacer trabajar verb
drive, harness
labrar verb
till, carve, farm, shape, hew
currar verb
explotar verb
exploit, explode, operate, tap, blow up
hacer funcionar verb
operate, put on, trigger, live up, man
tener un empleo verb
marchar verb
march, go, walk, move, go away
surtir efecto verb
act, get across
bordar verb
maniobrar verb
maneuver, handle, manoeuvre
ser eficaz verb
tallar verb
cut, shape, incise
motivar verb
motivate, cause, result in, give rise to, motive
fermentar verb
ferment, brew, simmer, raise
venirse verb
torcerse verb
sprain, skew, spring
cultivar verb
cultivate, grow, farm, till
afectar verb
affect, impact, influence, hit, touch, assume
producir verb
produce, yield, result in, generate, bring about, develop
mover verb
move, shift, shake, stir, wag, budge
moverse verb
move, travel, stir, shift, budge, move over
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