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How to say light in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for light? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for light
la luz noun
daylight, glow
de luz adjective
iluminar verb
illuminate, enlighten, light up, lighten, illumine
claro adjective
clear, plain, bright, apparent, evident
ligero adjective
lightweight, thin, airy, feathery, mild
encenderse verb
go on, ignite, come on, flare, catch fire
alumbrar verb
light up
la lámpara noun
liviano adjective
frivolous, fickle
leve adjective
mild, slight, remote
con luz adjective
el semáforo noun
traffic lights, semaphore, lights
ligeramente adverb
slightly, lightly, marginally, thin, swiftly
el faro noun
lighthouse, beacon, headlight, lamp, lantern
iluminado adjective
illuminated, ablaze
pálido adjective
pale, pallid, white, wan, ashen
la lumbre noun
el fuego noun
fire, blaze, fireplace, hearth
blanco adjective
white, target
fácil adjective
easy, simple, ready, effortless, facile, painless
alegre adjective
cheerful, glad, joyful, happy, jolly
iluminarse verb
light up
rubio adjective
blond, fair, fair-haired
el cristal noun
glass, crystal, pane
alumbrarse verb
light up
vacío adjective
empty, void, blank, vacant, hollow, bare
el vidrio noun
glass, pane, pane of glass
denso adjective
dense, thick, heavy, solid
ameno adjective
el toque de luz noun
sin carga adjective
la estufa noun
stove, heater, cooker
la eternidad noun
eternity, forever, everlasting, infinity, eon, infinitude
las luces de tráfico noun
tropezar verb
encounter, trip over, run into, trip up, fall on, fall upon
la pasión noun
passion, heat, fervor, liking, fervour
no grueso adjective
hacer constar verb
record, give, write down, minute
el desfiladero noun
defile, pass, gap, coomb
el arranque noun
outburst, dash, outbreak, pulling out, sally
embestir verb
charge, attack, lunge, savage
la cosa para cada día noun
proferir verb
utter, give, ejaculate
regalar a verb
la entrada de favor noun
el carnet noun
license, licence
la creencia noun
belief, credence, conviction
ofrecer verb
offer, give, present, feature, offer up, extend
organizar verb
organize, arrange, host, be organized, stage, put together
el hombre noun
man, husband, love, inamorato
pagar verb
pay, pay for, repay, pay back, pay out, meet
dedicar verb
devote, dedicate, expend, put in, bestow
citar verb
cite, quote, summon, call, summons, date
representar algo verb
account for, figure
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
el entusiasmo noun
enthusiasm, zest, zeal, gusto, relish, ardor
el permiso noun
permission, permit, leave, license, pass, furlough
la fase noun
phase, time, lap
el conocimiento noun
knowledge, awareness, knowing, consciousness, familiarity
el puerto noun
port, harbor, haven, harbour
la fe noun
faith, belief, confidence, hope, creed, conviction
la religión noun
la cosa útil noun
el aprobado noun
pass, pass mark, pass degree, D
no grave adjective
poner verb
put, add, place, set, lay, give
comenzar verb
start, begin, commence, initiate, launch
iniciar verb
start, initiate, launch, open, log in, enter into
emprender verb
undertake, start, launch, take up, take on, set out
prestar verb
lend, give, render, loan, lend out, advance
sacrificar verb
sacrifice, slaughter, give, give up, lay down, put down
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