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How to say take in French

What's the French word for take? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for take
prendre verb
have, catch, assume, take up, pick up
la prise noun
taking, outlet, intake, catch, grip
emporter verb
take away, carry, carry away, carry off, carry out
faire verb
do, make, work, perform, play
tirer verb
draw, pull, fire, extract, extricate
reprendre verb
resume, take back, continue, pick up, restart
saisir verb
seize, grasp, grab, understand, grip
porter verb
wear, carry, bear, reach, strike
accepter verb
accept, agree, approve, take on, sell
enlever verb
remove, take off, kidnap, abduct, pull
durer verb
last, continue, endure, hold, cover
mener verb
lead, carry on, herd, boss, rule
recevoir verb
receive, welcome, entertain, house, greet
conduire verb
lead, drive, conduct, carry, run
choisir verb
choose, select, pick, opt, pick out
obtenir verb
get, obtain, secure, gain, acquire
exiger verb
require, demand, insist, call, claim
accompagner verb
accompany, go with, follow, escort, companion
la part noun
share, part, hand, proportion, portion
remporter verb
win, obtain, carry, slate, work
capturer verb
capture, catch, seize, recapture, track down
prendre avec verb
prendre part verb
take part, participate, share, enter, play a part
voler verb
fly, steal, rob, wing, pick
se mettre à verb
begin, set about, fall to, go a long way about
soustraire verb
subtract, remove, take away, take out, convey
vouloir verb
want, wish, will, desire, intend
acheter verb
buy, purchase, cover, buy over, nobble
mordre verb
bite, snap, bite on, strike, catch
la prise de vue noun
balader verb
stroll, show around
le butin noun
booty, loot, spoil, plunder, swag
relever le gant verb
la recette noun
recipe, receipts, taking, gate
les enregistrement noun
recording, registration, record, registering, registry
la photo noun
photo, picture, photograph, shot
comprendre verb
understand, include, comprise, comprehend, realize
s'emparer de verb
lay hold of, snatch, capture, seize, appropriate
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