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How to say stop in French

What's the French word for stop? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for stop
le arrêt noun
stopping, arrest, cessation, stoppage, halt
arrêter verb
arrest, quit, shut down, turn off, switch off
le stop noun
cesser verb
cease, discontinue, desist, leave off, come off
las escale noun
empêcher verb
prevent, preclude, impede, hinder, prohibit
mettre fin verb
end, terminate, close, suppress, kill
stopper verb
pull up, bring to halt
mettre un terme verb
las étape noun
step, stage, leg, point, stopover
la fin noun
end, ending, close, termination, finish
la station noun
station, stand
interrompre verb
interrupt, discontinue, break, terminate, disrupt
la halte noun
halt, stopover, layover
suspendre verb
suspend, hang, stay, shelve, dangle
rester verb
stay, remain, keep, continue, be left
la pause noun
break, pause, rest, interval, halt
couper verb
cut, cut off, turn off, disconnect, shut off
retenir verb
retain, hold, keep, withhold, restrain
supprimer verb
remove, suppress, eliminate, abolish, cancel
la cessation noun
cessation, stopping, demise
boucher verb
plug, clog, block, obstruct, stop up
le point noun
point, item, dot, spot, stitch
faire une halte verb
stop over, lay over
les butoir noun
le diaphragme noun
diaphragm, midriff
le taquet noun
cleat, wedge
le contrôle noun
control, check, supervision, inspection, test
obturer verb
seal, plug, fill
résilier verb
terminate, cancel, rescind, dissolve, disintegrate
battre verb
beat, fight, defeat, strike, hit
se boucher verb
clog, get blocked
hésiter verb
hesitate, doubt, waver, pause, falter
le bouchon noun
plug, stopper, cork, wad, traffic jam
loger verb
accommodate, house, lodge, room, put up
embarrasser verb
embarrass, bother, perplex, confuse, hamper
faire opposer à verb
la occlusion noun
occlusion, stoppage
s'arrêter verb
leave off, terminate, cease, desist, discontinue
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