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How to say smart in French

What's the French word for smart? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for smart
intelligent adjective
intelligent, clever, bright, brainy, brilliant
élégant adjective
elegant, stylish, chic, graceful, handsome
futé adjective
sharp, cute
chic adjective
chic, stylish, elegant, fashionable, posh
malin adjective
malignant, cunning, sly, mischievous, crafty
astucieux adjective
clever, astute, crafty, shrewd, ingenious
habile adjective
clever, skilful, skilled, skillful, deft
rusé adjective
cunning, crafty, trick, wily, sly
vif adjective
bright, lively, live, keen, vivid
débrouillard adjective
resourceful, nifty
le pimpant noun
dégourdi adjective
piquant adjective
spicy, piquant, sharp, biting, prickly
audacieux adjective
bold, audacious, hardy, dashing, nervy
la jugeote noun
savvy, gumption, common sense
roublard adjective
crafty, wily, downy
la douleur cuisante noun
piquer verb
prick, sting, bite, pique, puncture
prompt adjective
prompt, quick, speedy, swift, ready
brûler verb
burn, burn off, scorch, incinerate, scald
retors adjective
crafty, tricky
gros adjective
large, big, fat, great, heavy
picoter verb
tingle, peck, prickle
faire mal verb
ache, inflict, annoy, fell
sévère adjective
severe, harsh, stern, serious, tough
violent adjective
violent, severe, fierce, intense, sharp
souffrir verb
suffer, experience, bear, brook, ache
activiste adjective
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