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How to say slip in French

What's the French word for slip? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for slip
glisser verb
run, skid, slip down, slither, slide along
le glissement noun
sliding, slide, slipping, gliding, crept
se glisser verb
creep, slide, sneak, squeeze, slither
échapper verb
escape, shave, rap out
le bordereau noun
la glissade noun
slide, slipping, sideslip, gliding
le engobe noun
coat with slip
le dérapage noun
le lapsus noun
lapse, slip of the pen, stumble, trip, slip-up
la erreur noun
error, mistake, fault, wrong, fallacy
la feuille noun
sheet, leaf, paper, ply, newspaper
patiner verb
skate, spin, patinate, give a patina to, give a sheen to
la combinaison noun
combination, suit, overall, wet suit, petticoat
se faufiler verb
squeeze through, edge, slip by, worm
le faux pas noun
false step, stumble, trip
la cale noun
hold, wedge, chock, slipway, skid
la chute noun
fall, drop, falling, downfall, chute
déplacer verb
move, travel, displace, shift, remove
la bouture noun
la bévue noun
blunder, gaffe, bloomer, slip-up
la baisse noun
drop, fall, lowering, slide, lessening
enlever verb
remove, take, take off, kidnap, abduct
se détériorer verb
deteriorate, worsen, break down, decay, suffer
le oubli noun
oversight, oblivion, forgetting, omission, limbo
oublier verb
forget, overlook, miss, leave, neglect
la coulisse noun
slide, coulisse, sliding door, sideline
se glisser dans verb
larguer verb
let out
les slips noun
le éboulement noun
landslide, crumbling, subsiding
le morceau de papier noun
la petite feuille noun
gaffer verb
blunder, goof, slip up, watch out, trip up
le sillage noun
wake, track, wash
lancer verb
launch, initiate, throw, cast, issue
le bulletin de salaire noun
wage slip
dissiper verb
dispel, clear, remove, disperse, relieve
la faute légère noun
trivial mistake
la fiche de paye noun
wage slip
le lancement noun
launching, start, initiation, pitch, throwing
se couler dans son lit verb
s'esquiver verb
sneak away, steal out, get round, steal away, wriggle
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