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How to say sharp in French

What's the French word for sharp? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for sharp
pointu adjective
pointed, peaked, taper, heavy
tranchant adjective
cutting, trenchant, keen, sharp-cutting
le dièse noun
net adjective
net, clean, neat, fair, flat
aigu adjective
acute, keen, shrill, severe, piercing
vif adjective
bright, lively, live, keen, vivid
brusque adjective
sudden, abrupt, brusque, rough, curt
coupant adjective
brusquement adverb
suddenly, abruptly, sharply, short, shortly
sévère adjective
severe, harsh, stern, serious, tough
piquant adjective
spicy, piquant, biting, prickly, keen
violent adjective
violent, severe, fierce, intense, rough
affilé adjective
fin adjective
fine, thin, slender, soft, keen
perçant adjective
piercing, shrill, acute, sharp-eyed
acerbe adjective
bitter, scathing, caustic, sour, acrimonious
raide adjective
steep, stiff, rigid, tight, stark
pénétrant adjective
penetrating, piercing, pervasive, keen, acute
malin adjective
malignant, smart, cunning, sly, mischievous
aiguiser verb
whet, hone, grind, quicken, point
perspicace adjective
perceptive, perspicacious, shrewd, discerning, penetrating
bien affilé adjective
tranché adjective
distinct, clear, contrasted
futé adjective
smart, cute
trop haut adverb
affûter verb
grind, point
sonnant adjective
agile adjective
agile, nimble, lithe, quick, swift
sagace adjective
sagacious, discerning, acute
le côté coupant noun
tout de suite adverb
immediately, right away, at once, right now, straight away
la aiguille pointu noun
actif adjective
active, working, busy, live, alive
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