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How to say shake in French

What's the French word for shake? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for shake
secouer verb
shake up, rock, jolt, jog, jerk
agiter verb
agitate, wave, toss, wag, flutter
ébranler verb
undermine, weaken, unsettle, rock, rattle
la secousse noun
shock, jerk, jolt, jar, jog
trembler verb
tremble, shiver, quake, quiver, shudder
bouleverser verb
upset, subvert, shake up, shock, rock
hocher verb
vaciller verb
sway, waver, falter, flicker, vacillate
déstabiliser verb
soutirer verb
extract, extort, squeeze out, worm, pump
se défaire de verb
unload, retreat, cast aside, sell up
trembloter verb
flicker, tremble, quiver, waver, wobble
frissonner verb
shiver, shudder, tremble, thrill, quiver
le hochement noun
taper verb
type, beat, slap, touch, clap
inciter verb
encourage, incite, induce, prompt, motivate
se dégarnir verb
thin out, shake off
le tremblement de terre noun
earthquake, tremor
dégraisser verb
streamline, remove grease from, skim, dry clean, slime
le renvoi noun
return, reference, removal, discharge, remand
le licenciement noun
termination, redundancy, lay-off, redundance
stupéfier verb
amaze, astound, stupefy, stun, astonish
bringuebaler verb
rattle, joggle, bump along, jog
se trembler verb
be shaken, wobble, wabble, bicker, be shocked
se frissonner verb
tremble, twitch
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