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How to say settle in French

What's the French word for settle? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for settle
régler verb
adjust, pay, solve, fix, tune
résoudre verb
solve, resolve, figure out, remove, determine
trancher verb
cut, sever, arbitrate, chop, take a decision
fixer verb
set, fix, secure, determine, fasten
arranger verb
arrange, fix, sort, set, right
solder verb
close, sell off, remainder, price down, reduce the price
coloniser verb
se stabiliser verb
stabilize, plateau, steady, settle down, become steady
se poser verb
arise, land, rest, sit, put down
calmer verb
calm, calm down, soothe, ease, appease
vider verb
empty, drain, clean, void, gut
rembourser verb
repay, reimburse, pay, refund, pay back
apaiser verb
appease, soothe, ease, alleviate, placate
retomber verb
drop, relapse, land, fall down, come
peupler verb
populate, people
dissiper verb
dispel, clear, remove, disperse, relieve
mettre fin verb
end, terminate, stop, close, suppress
couvrir verb
cover, cover up, coat, shield, wrap
ajuster verb
adjust, tighten, straighten, neaten
léguer verb
will, devise, demise
départager verb
decide, decide between
le banc à haut dossier noun
se carrer verb
sit back
prendre une forme verb
take shape
prendre une tournure verb
s'habituer verb
accustom, become accustomed, become used to, go native, use
s'installer verb
settle down, live, lodge, set, settle oneself
s'établir verb
become established, settle in, choose, set
s'enfoncer verb
sink in, sink
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