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How to say set in French

What's the French word for set? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for set
ensemble noun
whole, ensemble, series, collection, aggregate
le set noun
la série noun
series, round, string, run, chain
fixé adjective
fixed, appointed, stated, flat, immovable
fixer verb
fix, secure, determine, fasten, settle
les appareil noun
apparatus, device, unit, appliance, machine
le poste noun
position, post, station, job, mail
installer verb
install, set up, instal, put up, plant
le assortiment noun
assortment, range
déterminé adjective
determined, specific, given, certain, fixed
poser verb
pose, put, lay, place, rest
décidé adjective
decided, determined, sealed, purposeful
préparer verb
prepare, ready, make, draft, get ready
imposer verb
impose, enforce, tax, force, place
la parure noun
la mise en scène noun
staging, stage, direction, production
rétablir verb
restore, re-establish, reinstate, retrieve, set up
disposer verb
dispose, arrange, place, lay, apply
durcir verb
harden, cake
la bande noun
band, strip, tape, stripe, gang
le cercle noun
circle, ring, group, hoop, round
se coucher verb
lie, lie down, retire, bed down, shake down
arranger verb
arrange, fix, settle, sort, right
résolu adjective
resolved, determined, resolute, decided, firm
assortir verb
sertir verb
entamer verb
start, launch, embark, institute, lead
avancer verb
advance, forward, progress, move, move forward
enchâsser verb
enshrine, embed
piéger verb
trap, snare, ensnare, set up
la direction noun
direction, management, leadership, guidance, directorate
mettre de côté verb
set aside, put aside, put away, lay aside, set apart
être prêt verb
get ready, stand by, stand prepared, be on call, be on offer
nouer verb
establish, tie, knot, fasten
geler verb
freeze, frost, block, halt, chill
mettre en scène verb
stage, produce, stage-manage
sceller verb
seal, embed, fix
faire couver verb
faire exploser verb
blast, set off, blow out, touch off
considérer verb
consider, regard, see, treat, look at
la attitude noun
attitude, posture, outlook, manner, pose
tendance noun
trend, tendency, movement, bias, leaning
la soirée noun
evening, soiree, party, show, showing
le match noun
match, game, contest, competition, fall
approvisionner verb
provision, store, set up, purvey
rude adjective
rough, harsh, rude, hard, rugged
susciter verb
create, arouse, spark, give rise to, evoke
s'installer verb
settle down, settle, live, lodge, settle oneself
s'établir verb
become established, settle in, choose, settle
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