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How to say run in French

What's the French word for run? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for run
les cours noun
course, price, lesson, period, rate
fonctionner verb
function, operate, perform, activate, go
la course noun
race, running, course, competition, journey
courir verb
race, hurry, drive, course, run along
la série noun
series, set, round, string, chain
tourner verb
turn, rotate, spin, shoot, revolve
la piste noun
track, runway, trail, piste, course
le parcours noun
course, route, journey, career, way
gérer verb
manage, administer, operate, work, direct
diriger verb
direct, conduct, manage, steer, guide
la descente noun
descent, raid, drop, slope, way down
faire fonctionner verb
operate, power, drive, actuate
tirage noun
drawing, print, circulation, printing, haul
marcher verb
walk, work, march, go, step
passer verb
pass, spend, go, proceed, skip
le tour noun
turn, tower, round, tour, lap
le point noun
point, item, dot, spot, stitch
le trajet noun
path, journey, ride, distance
couler verb
flow, cast, roll, run out, go under
le courant noun
current, stream, flow, tide, draft
faire marcher verb
operate, work, power, carry on, carry
organiser verb
organize, arrange, plan, stage, align
la séquence noun
sequence, string, spread
la ruée noun
rush, scramble, onrush, dash, whirl
administrer verb
administer, manage, govern, dispense, direct
la suite noun
suite, sequence, continuation, series, sequel
conduire verb
lead, drive, conduct, take, carry
la candidature noun
application, candidacy, candidature
opérer verb
operate, carry out, effectuate
les enclos noun
enclosure, pen, paddock, inclosure
la poussée noun
thrust, push, surge, thrusting, impulse
publier verb
publish, issue, publicize, print, put out
filer verb
spin, get away, tail, scoot, whiz
faire couler verb
sink, shed, spill, turn on, drain off
faire courir verb
race, spread, rumor, rumour
travailler verb
work, labor, job, elaborate, forge
glisser verb
slip, skid, slip down, slither, slide along
la promenade noun
walk, promenade, stroll, ride, walking
se précipiter verb
rush, precipitate, dash, plunge, scurry
la succession noun
succession, inheritance, sequence, series
se sauver verb
bolt, run from, slope off, dash off, nip off
être valide verb
chasser verb
hunt, expel, drive out, drive away, chase away
déteindre verb
come out
faire paraître verb
issue, bring out
fondre verb
melt, merge, cast, melt down, smelt
la roulade noun
faire aller verb
tendance noun
trend, tendency, movement, bias, leaning
baver verb
drool, dribble, slobber, slaver, foam
se répandre verb
spread, spill, flow, diffuse, extend
les flux noun
flow, flux, current, flood, flush
se jouer verb
contest, decry
gouverner verb
govern, rule, steer, con
se fondre verb
merge, melt, coalesce, dissolve
dégoutter verb
se mélanger verb
blend, mingle, comminute
se démailler verb
poser la candidature de verb
suppurer verb
suppurate, fester
mettre en vente verb
sale, put to sale
engager verb
engage, commit, bind, pledge, retain
valoir verb
be worth, hold good
imprimer verb
print, print out, imprint, impress, publish
transporter verb
transport, carry, move, convey, haul
vendre verb
sale, sell, market, retail, vend
la échelle noun
scale, ladder, gangway, companion
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