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How to say point in French

What's the French word for point? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for point
le point noun
item, dot, spot, stitch, mark
pointer verb
tally, prick, scrutinize, sign on, punch one's card
la virgule noun
comma, decimal point
la pointe noun
tip, spike, head, nib, prong
le moment noun
time, moment, period, instant, minute
montrer verb
show, exhibit, indicate, evince, image
les endroit noun
place, spot, locality, scene, locus
las étape noun
step, stage, stop, leg, stopover
le but noun
purpose, goal, aim, object, view
las extrémité noun
end, extremity, tip, tailpiece
le degré noun
degree, grade, class, rung
le cap noun
cape, headland
diriger verb
direct, run, conduct, manage, steer
la fin noun
end, ending, close, termination, finish
orienter verb
guide, direct, orient, orientate, turn
le promontoire noun
promontory, headland, bluff, foreland
braquer verb
shine, aim, hold up, antagonize, lock
la astuce noun
trick, cunning, astuteness, cleverness, craftiness
ponctuer verb
indiquer du doigt verb
jointoyer verb
aiguiser verb
whet, hone, sharp, grind, quicken
marquer de point verb
pointiller verb
dot, stipple, mark
naviguer verb
la période noun
period, term, phase, spell, epoch
affûter verb
grind, sharp
tailler verb
cut, carve, prune, trim, hew
les avis noun
opinion, notice, view, advice, notification
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