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How to say drop in French

What's the French word for drop? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for drop
la baisse noun
fall, lowering, slide, lessening, slip
la goutte noun
gout, drip, blob, dropping, bead
la chute noun
fall, falling, downfall, chute, descent
tomber verb
fall, fall down, collapse, tumble, go down
laisser tomber verb
let go, ditch, let fall, skip, lay off
abandonner verb
abandon, give up, leave, surrender, quit
baisser verb
lower, fall, turn down, go down, bend
supprimer verb
remove, suppress, eliminate, abolish, cancel
diminuer verb
decrease, reduce, diminish, lower, lessen
descendre verb
descend, get off, go down, come down, get down
lâcher verb
release, let loose, relinquish, let off, slacken
perdre verb
lose, waste, shed, forfeit, throw away
faire tomber verb
bring down, topple, knock over, lay, push down
renoncer à verb
give up, renounce, waive, abandon, relinquish
retomber verb
relapse, settle, land, fall down, come
envoyer verb
send, forward, send in, dispatch, throw
écrire verb
write, write down, write out, spell, pen
la descente noun
descent, raid, run, slope, way down
régresser verb
omettre verb
omit, leave out, pass over, write off, retrench
goutter verb
abattre verb
down, slaughter, kill, cut down, fell
le parachutage noun
parachute drop
se baisser verb
bend down, stoop, sink, decrease, fade
la trappe noun
hatch, trap, flap, trapdoor, pitfall
le vide noun
empty, vacuum, blank, void, emptiness
la larme noun
tear, teardrop
se détériorer verb
deteriorate, worsen, break down, decay, suffer
avaler verb
swallow, gulp, take internally, get down, drink down
rebaisser verb
se calmer verb
calm down, subside, settle down, cool down, abate
le droppage noun
la pendeloque noun
pendant, pendent
le précipice noun
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