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How to say cut in French

What's the French word for cut? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for cut
las coupe noun
cutting, section, cup, haircut, goblet
couper verb
cut off, turn off, disconnect, shut off, break
réduire verb
reduce, decrease, lower, minimize, mitigate
la coupure noun
clipping, cut-off, disconnection, cutout, nick
la réduction noun
reduction, discount, abatement, mitigation, decreasing
la entaille noun
notch, nick, gash, score, hack
tailler verb
carve, prune, trim, hew, hack
la incision noun
incision, slit, score, scoring, snip
le coup noun
blow, shot, coup, stroke, hit
trancher verb
settle, sever, arbitrate, chop, take a decision
la compression noun
compression, compressing, squeeze
sabrer verb
slash, make drastic cut, fire
la blessure noun
injury, wound, hurt, flesh-wound
la part noun
share, part, hand, proportion, portion
arrêter verb
stop, arrest, quit, shut down, turn off
se couper verb
entailler verb
notch, nick, slash, dent, scarf
la récolte noun
harvest, crop, harvesting, gathering, yield
débiter verb
debit, output, spout, credit, turn out
blesser verb
hurt, injure, wound, offend, maim
la balafre noun
scar, gash, slash
finir verb
end, finish, complete, conclude, terminate
saigner verb
bleed, fleece
balafrer verb
slash, scar, gash
le mélange noun
mixture, mixing, blend, mix, blending
le canal noun
channel, canal, duct, conduit, waterway
bastonner verb
la absence injustifié noun
faire blesser verb
get, crease
négliger verb
neglect, overlook, disregard, fail, omit
prendre verb
take, have, catch, assume, take up
enregistrer verb
register, record, log, check in, tape
la critique noun
review, criticism, critic, critique, reviewer
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