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How to say clear in French

What's the French word for clear? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for clear
clair adjective
light, bright, plain, fair, lucid
claire adjective
distinct, definite, apparent, articulate, conspicuous
éclaircir verb
lighten, elucidate, explain, unravel, illumine
nettoyer verb
clean, wash, clean out, wipe, mop
nette adjective
clean, frank, spruce
transparent adjective
transparent, pellucid, limpid, filmy, see-through
certain adjective
certain, some, sure, definite, undoubted
sûr adjective
sure, safe, secure, certain, reliable
pur adjective
pure, clean, sheer, neat, mere
pure adjective
sans ambiguïté adjective
expliquer verb
explain, account for, clarify, demonstrate, show
être clair verb
libérer verb
release, free, liberate, deliver, unfreeze
débarrasser verb
rid, get rid of, buzz off
dissiper verb
dispel, remove, disperse, relieve, clear away
brillant adjective
brilliant, bright, shiny, glossy, polished
franchir verb
cross, pass, overcome, pass through, negotiate
déblayer verb
tranché adjective
distinct, sharp, contrasted
sauter verb
jump, skip, leap, blow up, hop
innocent adjective
innocent, harmless, guiltless, not guilty, honest
se dissiper verb
dissipate, wear off, vanish, melt away, lift
adopter verb
adopt, pass, embrace, assume, take up
frayer verb
spawn, force, open up, slash
acquitter verb
pay, discharge, acquit, exonerate, pay back
innocenter verb
exonerate, exculpate, find not guilty
entièrement propre adverb
pas compliqué adjective
unsophisticated, unvarnished
faire autoriser verb
amer adjective
bitter, embittered, bitterish, resentful, jaundiced
se tirer verb
shag off, slope off
vendre verb
sale, sell, market, retail, vend
payer les frais verb
hang the expense
profiter verb
benefit, avail, gain, improve, thrive
réveillé adjective
awake, arosen, careful
assurant adjective
réveiller verb
wake, wake up, awaken, awake, arouse
échanger verb
exchange, trade, swap, change, switch
payer verb
pay, meet, defray, pay down, shell out
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