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How to say check in French

What's the French word for check? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for check
vérifier verb
verify, ascertain, confirm, audit, examine
le chèque noun
le contrôle noun
control, supervision, inspection, test, regulation
la vérification noun
verification, checking, inspection, examination, control
cocher verb
tick, notch
contrôler verb
control, monitor, verify, inspect, oversee
examiner verb
examine, consider, look, discuss, explore
arrêter verb
stop, arrest, quit, shut down, turn off
le échec noun
failure, defeat, setback, reverse, repulse
enrayer verb
stem, block, jam, stamp down, stay away
examen noun
examination, review, test, investigation, inspection
réviser verb
revise, review, overhaul, reconsider, update
refréner verb
faire échec à verb
mettre en échec verb
mettre un frein verb
tenir en échec verb
le carreau noun
tile, pane, square, window, diamond
le damier noun
las interruption noun
interruption, break, disruption, discontinuance, stopping
réprimander verb
reprimand, rebuke, scold, admonish, reprove
le arrêt brusque noun
le bulletin de consigne noun
baggage check
les tissu à carreaux noun
mettre au vestiaire verb
recenser verb
inventory, count, make a census
la addition noun
addition, sum, bill, summation, tab
le revers noun
reverse, setback, back, lapel, backhand
la pause noun
break, pause, rest, stop, interval
contenir verb
contain, hold, restrain, stem, hold in
s'arrêter verb
leave off, stop, terminate, cease, desist
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