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How to say bend in French

What's the French word for bend? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for bend
plier verb
fold, drape, writhe
le pli noun
fold, ply, crease, pleat, envelope
le coude noun
elbow, offset, crook, twist, wind
le virage noun
turn, shift, turning, curve, twist
courber verb
bow down, crook, inflect
bander verb
bandage, arch, have a hard-on
se plier verb
collapse, double, double up
pencher verb
lean, tilt, bow, droop, cant
fléchir verb
flex, sag, yield, bow, inflect
la courbe noun
curve, bending, bow, curl
tordre verb
twist, wring, contort, lay, twiddle
le détour noun
detour, curve, circumvolution
le tournant noun
turn, turning point, twist, winding, curve
se courber verb
bow, curve, stoop, flex, bow down
baisser verb
lower, fall, drop, turn down, go down
ployer verb
bow, sag
incliner verb
tilt, incline, tip, recline, angle
la inflexion noun
inflection, inflexion, modulation
se replier verb
fold, fall back on, double, bend on, close again
faire pencher verb
faire courber verb
bow, crank, lean, hog
faire ployer verb
le nœud de jonction noun
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