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What is the opposite of take no notice of?

Need antonyms for take no notice of? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To feel, notice or detect with one's senses
“Mark scanned the room intently, attempting to distinguish the mood of the guests who had arrived.”
To look at or observe attentively over a period of time
“She would watch her grandmother spend hours crocheting beautiful sweaters for friends and family.”
(figuratively) To have an awareness of something
“I smell something fishy about this whole business.”
(clausal, followed by for or about) To place an emphasis of concern, interest or importance on someone or something
“If you think I care for your nonsense, then you may be unfamiliar with sarcasm.”
To notice the loss or absence of
“He's a wealthy man who will barely miss the pocket change.”
To be told or informed about something
“I had come to learn of his affair with another woman through an anonymous friend of his.”
(touch on) To make mention
“At some stage, we will need to touch on the topic of our current finances.”
To recognize something as valuable
“We appreciate the loyalty of our members and will never take them for granted.”
To understand or acknowledge the existence of
“Citizens accused the government of failing to recognize the difficulties they encountered.”
To involve or engage in deeply
“You better lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it, you better never let it go.”
To take part or interfere in something, typically to prevent or alter a result or course of events
“I am prepared to accept that he gave these matters full and due consideration before he decided to intervene.”
To examine through the sense of touch
“The shop assistant encouraged her to feel the superior fabric of the handbag in hopes that she would purchase it.”
To greet or physically respond to by recognizing the presence of
“As their eyes met, Helen would acknowledge Don from across the room with a nod of her head and a quick smile.”
To make known that a letter or message has been received
“Unfortunately, nobody from the department has even bothered to acknowledge our letter.”
(think of/about) To have a concern about
“She would constantly think about her son who was recovering from his illness.”
To make a living for the benefit of others
“Robert worked hard to keep his family.”
To hold or display a specified thought or emotion
“Always encourage the young boy, so that he will have confidence in his ability.”
(of someone's feelings, wishes, or rights) To have due regard for
“Please respect my family's wish to be left alone during this difficult time.”
To use as an example in support of an argument
“The world is filled with natural wonders. Take, for example, the pyramids of Egypt.”
(dated) To treat (someone) with affection or favoritism
“My grandparents used to cosset and pet me when I was young.”
To make an attempt at handling a problem or policy
“We must approach this persistent problem with a different strategy if we are to solve it.”
To find out through making an inquiry
“Please determine if your brother will be coming home for dinner this evening.”
To carry out a set of instructions
Follow the detailed directions on the back of the box to toast your pop-tarts.”
To study or check into thoroughly
“Detectives would investigate Jessie's claim of being attacked to ascertain its veracity.”
To demonstrate empathy
“I fully understand what Bob must be going through following the death of his mother.”
To prefer, desire, or choose to have something
“I'm still hungry, and I'd like more food if possible.”
To celebrate or commemorate an occasion or its anniversary
To pay attention to
To fix one's attention at something or someone
“I think we should now focus on other, more pressing issues.”
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