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What is the opposite of rough?

Need antonyms for rough? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of having an uneven or irregular surface
“We traversed the flat terrain for miles and were blessed with a beautiful sunset in the distance.”
Opposite of having a surface or texture that is coarse or bristly
“She picked up the newborn puppy and glided her hand across its hairless body.”
(of skin) Opposite of not smooth
“She adored feeling the baby's smooth skin against her own.”
(of a person) Opposite of lacking sophistication or refinement
“It was difficult not to be mesmerized by Jobe's notoriously charming and refined demeanor.”
Opposite of harsh or severe in nature
“Nelson was a gentle soul who wouldn't hurt a fly.”
Opposite of difficult or unpleasant in nature
“The company would go through an easy stretch after several competitors dropped out of the market.”
Opposite of aggressive or violent in nature
“She staged several peaceful protests across the state, hoping to make a difference.”
(of a voice) Opposite of gruff, hoarse or raspy
“I was enraptured by her mellifluous voice softly humming to the radio.”
Opposite of discordant or harsh-sounding to the ears
“A few soft murmurs could be heard from within the tavern.”
Opposite of not fully worked out or including every detail
“We have provided a detailed summary of all services rendered in the following email.”
Opposite of crudely constructed, typically in a hasty or improvised manner
“After a month of toiling away with her father on her new playhouse, it looked tidy and organized.”
Opposite of lacking in skill or refinement
“She executed a perfect and skillful pirouette that impressed the audience.”
Opposite of not precise or exact
“I have now written the magic number down, so please tell me the exact number of cards you are holding.”
(of the weather) Opposite of characterized by windy or stormy conditions
“The poor skills on display are inexcusable considering how perfect and clear the weather is.”
Opposite of vigorously disturbed or agitated, especially by the elements
“He let the calm breeze blow across his face and enjoyed the brief sensation of coolness.”
Opposite of not in good health
“After a brief respite, he felt well enough to carry on hiking.”
(of wine or another alcoholic drink) Opposite of sharp or harsh in taste
“The granita was the perfect way to finish what was a delightful dinner, and left a pleasant taste in our mouths long after.”
Opposite of difficult to carry out or fulfill
Opposite of having the feeling that one is about to vomit
Opposite of knobbly, rough, and twisted, especially with age
Opposite of inconsistent with established standards of good form or taste
Opposite of covered with hair or bristles
Opposite of having a forbidding or cold appearance or nature
“The husband was a tall and genial fellow, friendly, youthful, and easy-going.”
Opposite of built cheaply and shoddily
Opposite of a disreputable and violent person
“These innocents were preyed upon, unable to defend themselves from the evils of this world.”
Opposite of a sketch meant for artistic brainstorming
“This is the final draft that you requested, so you can now press on ahead with the actual design.”
Opposite of to make uneven
“Carrie instructed her son to smooth out the sheets before tucking the sides under the mattress.”
(rough something out) Opposite of to produce a preliminary and unfinished version of something
“After plenty of back and forth, we were able to finalize the deal.”
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