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What is the opposite of light?

Need antonyms for light? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of that which makes things visible
“The light was extinguished and all that remained was darkness.”
Opposite of the time of day illuminated by the sun
“We stopped our hike and set up camp as dusk approached.”
Opposite of mental enlightenment of a problem or mystery
“The case would remain unsolved with every witness seeming to display nothing but ignorance of the facts.”
Opposite of a notable person within a specific field
“Struggling to make an impact, he remained a relative unknown in his industry.”
Opposite of something used to produce a flame or spark
“Put the fire out with the extinguisher!”
Opposite of a steady radiance of light or heat
“Our concrete bed, which during the day had absorbed and magnified the sun's rays, now seemed to distill the chill from the wind and wrap it around our defenseless bodies.”
Opposite of fervent or passionate emotion or enthusiasm
“He lacked the fire and point of his usual bearing on the battlefield, and there was apparent apathy in his movements.”
Opposite of to ignite a flame or fire
“Arthur Morgan would extinguish the fire and tear down his campsite after he was fully rested.”
Opposite of to illuminate
“Nathan Drake would deliberately snuff out the torches to darken the cavern so he could remain inconspicuous.”
Opposite of to come to rest after a descent from above
“The aircraft would take off from the runway to begin its long journey.”
Opposite of to descend from something, typically a vehicle
“We will need to board the next train.”
Opposite of having a considerable or sufficient amount of light
“Dusk approaches, the sun sets, and the day is dark again.”
(dark) Opposite of pale in color
“Adding some dark colors should add some mystique to this room.”
(of hair or skin tone) Opposite of pale in color
“Her dark hair worked in harmony with her Mediterranean features.”
Opposite of unsubstantial in weight
“I always end up traveling with a heavy suitcase because I have so many things to bring with me.”
Opposite of unsubstantial in quantity or frequency
“Earnings for the company this month have been pleasingly abundant in comparison to previous periods.”
Opposite of not strongly or heavily built or made
“Our new thick curtains will provide us with the privacy we need.”
Opposite of physically nimble and quick
“He was tall and powerful but, unfortunately, rather clumsy.”
(of food or a meal) Opposite of small in quantity and easy to digest
“I am planning on having a heavy dinner this evening as I am rather ravenous.”
Opposite of undemanding and easily executed
“Greg subjected himself to some hard training as he was determined to improve his fitness and skills.”
(of entertainment) Opposite of not profound or serious
“We watched a serious documentary about the impacts of climate change on the environment.”
Opposite of cheerful in disposition
“With a solemn heart, the boy said goodbye to his dear father.”
Opposite of having little value or significance
“The choice of a successor to the throne was a significant matter.”
Opposite of in a gentle or delicate manner
“She was jolted by an aggressive knock on her front door as she was watching her favorite soap opera.”
(of a punishment) Opposite of lenient in nature
“He received a harsh sentence for his crime as he was a repeat offender.”
Opposite of dizzy or feeling faint
“I was feeling dizzy before, but after some rest, I feel balanced again.”
Opposite of giving off or reflecting light
“The battery was weak and the torch had become dim.”
Opposite of kind or lenient, often to excess
“His parents were strict disciplinarians who often had unrealistic expectations.”
Opposite of smoothly elegant or graceful in movement
Opposite of of a soft and delicate shade of colour
Opposite of able to be carried or easily moved
(of food or drink) Opposite of low in fat content, and hence low in calories and conducive to weight loss
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