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What is the opposite of hot?

Need antonyms for hot? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of significantly high in temperature
“You'll want to wear warm clothing if you're going to be exposed to cold temperatures.”
(of the weather or climate) Opposite of having a high degree of heat or a high temperature
“It has been surprisingly less chilly this year than in previous winters.”
Opposite of feeling or producing an uncomfortable sensation of bodily heat
“He went to bed feeling cold and shivery.”
Opposite of spicy to taste
“The curry was quite mild, and hardly as spicy as was advertised.”
Opposite of involving much passion and intensity
“We expected a fiery debate, but as it turned out, the audience was very dispassionate about the subject.”
Opposite of involving much activity, debate, or interest
“Much to everyone's surprise, the hugely anticipated interview between the two firebrands was very civilized and calm.”
(passive) Opposite of filled with passionate excitement, anger, or other strong emotion
“You have been very passive about something that is entirely within your control to put a lid on.”
(pleased) Opposite of filled with passionate excitement, anger, or other strong emotion
“The coach declared he was pleased with his team's effort, despite the loss.”
Opposite of showing a keen desire or enthusiasm
“When I showed him the report that demonstrated the dire state of our economy, he was indifferent.”
Opposite of currently popular, fashionable, or in demand
“Zoolander has just become a washed-up male model.”
Opposite of having a high quality of its kind
“The lettering strongly resembled a hideous scrawl, while the spelling and grammar were equally atrocious.”
Opposite of having a strong primal desire
“She awkwardly danced in a seductive manner, but he was completely unaroused.”
Opposite of tending to provoke a strong primal desire
“I didn't think he could wear anything more unflattering than what he wore yesterday, but I have been proven wrong.”
Opposite of stolen or otherwise illegally obtained
“He had come by the funds through lawful means, and therefore, did not have to answer to charges of fraud.”
Opposite of involving modern or contemporary methods or concepts
“The investigation found working practices to be incredibly dated and in need of reform.”
Opposite of very knowledgeable or skillful
“Before long, her hilariously inept culinary techniques force her to plead for help from neighbors.”
(informal) Opposite of physically attractive
“She wrote in a blog, describing years of poor self-esteem because of how unattractive she perceived herself to be.”
Opposite of fiercely competitive in nature
“Our team won the tournament easily as the other teams were largely noncompetitive.”
(informal) Opposite of exhibiting radioactivity
“The frozen embryo cannot survive outside of the cryogenic process.”
Opposite of at an extremely fast speed
“In reality, no person in their right mind would believe a turtle moving at a slow speed, could beat a rabbit running at top speed.”
Opposite of very fashionable or up to date in trends
Opposite of relating to or involving the gratification of one's pleasure-seeking senses and desires
Opposite of eagerly wishing or wanting of something or someone
Opposite of moving or progressing at a quick rate or pace
Opposite of having or encouraging an excessive interest in lustful matters
Opposite of having shapely and voluptuous bodily curves
Opposite of at a very fast speed
“Take the sharp corner nice and slow.”
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