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What is the opposite of high?

Need antonyms for high? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

(low) Opposite of significant in elevation
“The view from the top of the low hill was rather limited and uninspiring.”
(level) Opposite of significant in elevation
“A level surface reduces the risk of tripping or twisting an ankle.”
(sunken) Opposite of significant in elevation
“The best spot for swimming with humpbacks is a sunken crater off Maui's west coast called Molokini.”
Opposite of in the sky or in the air
“Fielding ground balls well is a fundamental skill that a soccer goalie should master.”
Opposite of great in rank or status
“He was demoted to a lowly position in government and would now find it difficult pushing for his policies to be enacted.”
Opposite of great in importance or urgency
“This matter is of a low priority and can be addressed at a later date.”
Opposite of morally or ethically superior
“He was a man of questionable character with amoral principles.”
Opposite of great, or greater than normal, in quantity or size
“He deliberately consumed low amounts of carbohydrates to induce ketosis.”
Opposite of great, or greater than normal, in price
“The price of bananas are cheap right now due to a reduction in demand.”
Opposite of superior in quality or caliber
“The quality of our latest product is of a poor standard and we cannot release it until it has been improved.”
Opposite of great, or greater than normal, in intensity
“Tomorrow should be a sunny day with a light breeze.”
Opposite of given or conducive to self-indulgence
“He lost all of his money gambling and lived an abstemious life thereafter.”
Opposite of very favorable
“Many people now had a low opinion of him due to his string of poor performances.”
(of a sound or note) Opposite of having a frequency at the upper end of the auditory range
“Michael did not suggest that his nose surgery would affect his ability to sing bass notes.”
Opposite of a state of elation
“His spirits were low after he failed to secure his dream job.”
(technology, electronics) Opposite of advanced in development
“Our company's infrastructure needs an upgrade as the current systems are using old technology.”
Opposite of feeling euphoric, typically from the effects of narcotics
“I began to clean my room once I was sober.”
(of food, meat) Opposite of strong-smelling, slightly spoiled and beginning to decompose
“Unless you are cooking game, it is best to use fresh produce.”
Opposite of excessive or extreme in amount, level or degree
Opposite of noble and generous in spirit
Opposite of feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement
(rare) Opposite of characterized by the ideology of respect and dignity
“If he ever presents himself in an undignified manner again, he will never find honor in my presence.”
Opposite of grand or imposing in nature or appearance
Opposite of raised or elevated in height
“In a sunken area in the middle of the coffee lounge, a woman wearing a bright pink dress sat at a cerulean blue grand piano playing quintessential lounge numbers.”
Opposite of exceeding others in rank, status, quality or importance
Opposite of bearing good value, worth or reliability
“I will tell you in good faith, Sir, that this is a worthless investment, and your money is better spent elsewhere.”
Opposite of a high point or position
“When the real-estate bubble burst, prices were at a ten-year low.”
Opposite of a point of success or achievement
“Failing to qualify for the Olympics was the nadir of his sporting career.”
(a high) Opposite of a period of euphoria
“Billy experienced a low when Monique rejected his advances.”
Opposite of the mildly euphoric feeling experienced after a pleasurable experience
Opposite of at an elevated position
“Arthur Morgan crouched low so as not to startle the deer.”
Opposite of indicative, or showing signs, of wealth or luxury
“He chose to live modestly to ensure that his financial future would be secure.”
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