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What is the opposite of govern?

Need antonyms for govern? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to direct, handle, control, or be in charge of
Opposite of to control or determine the process or direction of
Opposite of to exert influence over or dictate the outcome of
“I think it is time I surrender my hold on this domain and acknowledge defeat.”
Opposite of to make less powerful or intense, thereby easier to control
“In an ancient era, twin girls are raised as boys to prevent their wizard father from sacrificing them to intensify his supernatural powers.”
(ignore) Opposite of to direct, handle, control, or be in charge of
(mismanage) Opposite of to direct, handle, control, or be in charge of
“I am not going to stand by silently while you mismanage these sacred funds the way you have chosen to do in recent months.”
Opposite of to be in charge or command of
“Several specialists would serve in a team led by Danny Ocean who wanted to pull off one of the greatest heists of all time.”
Opposite of to overcome or bring under control
Opposite of to govern or rule over
“Boxhorn kept stressing the absolutist dogma that the people fervently obey their King, no matter what rights he violated.”
Opposite of to have power and influence over
“After three straight weeks with poor performances, the young gun continues to struggle at the elite level of the sport.”
Opposite of to control by means of rules and regulations
Opposite of to cause a profound effect
“Postmodern thought tends to trivialize this desire, if not ignore it altogether.”
Opposite of to direct or influence the behavior or development of
“What that tells me is that right now, is that whatever is being reported could be information to deceive and mislead people.”
Opposite of to regulate the speed or amount of something given or administered
“Do not rush the amount of information that you provide to the learner at any one time.”
Opposite of to keep from exceeding a desirable degree or level
“He would take deep breaths as a coping mechanism when negative thoughts and feelings were threatening to get out of control.”
Opposite of to manage
“Many agents sell a bunch of houses, then spend all their time servicing those houses and neglect their business.”
Opposite of to take, or be in, charge of
“As with the Italian condottiere, they were willing to serve any master with whom their chief could make satisfactory arrangements.”
Opposite of to fix or shape the form or character of
“Your unwillingness to work hard will hinder how successful you are in life.”
Opposite of to bring someone or something under control
“They give free rein to their children, and it is not surprising that they exhibit behaviors of entitlement and erratic temperament.”
Opposite of to influence, usually emotionally
“You almost have to desensitize yourself to the madness just to stay sane.”
Opposite of to give an authoritative or decisive command or order
Opposite of to set, or to serve as, a limit to
“If you ignore the warnings and choose to exceed the speed limit, you put yourself and everyone else on the road at risk.”
(release) Opposite of to keep from exceeding an acceptable degree or level
“The gas would cause me to release a loud belch.”
(of an expression) Opposite of to keep from exceeding an acceptable degree or level
“You could see that he was starting to lose his cool after making some uncharacteristic unforced errors.”
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