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What is the opposite of gather?

Need antonyms for gather? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to bring together and take in from scattered places or sources
“Mosquitoes have been known to spread diseases such as malaria.”
Opposite of to gather or meet in a common location
“If one of the key indicators of a show's success is how reluctantly the audience disperse once the house lights are up, this was not Nick's finest hour.”
Opposite of to bring together or amass as a single group or collection
“Another way to separate the egg yolk from the white is to use a clean, empty plastic water bottle.”
Opposite of to learn from information given
“Mr. Stevens, I think you misunderstand my point, so allow me to clarify.”
(of plants, fruits, etc.) Opposite of to collect for food
“Word had traveled fast among the local tribes as they now gathered out in the grass fields to distribute the food among themselves.”
Opposite of to grow larger or more numerous
“Most children will have some attachment problems just due to their life circumstances, but these problems diminish over time with love and attention.”
Opposite of to come or bring together
“We'll split the group and switch halfway through, so you'll have a chance to shoot both locations.”
Opposite of to attract the interest of, especially of a group
“The loss of flexibility a family suffers when it buys rather than rents will deter many buyers.”
Opposite of to pull (someone) into one's arms
“Please don't push me away!”
(sewing) Opposite of to add pleats or folds to a piece of cloth, normally to reduce its width
“She tried once more to smooth the creases out of her rust-colored skirt.”
Opposite of to form an understanding or conclusion from something
Opposite of to come into possession of
“I will give my old laptop to my younger brother.”
Opposite of to have a belief or opinion about something, sometimes irrationally
“I will distrust in the existence of any deity until science has proven otherwise.”
Opposite of to gather into wrinkles
Opposite of to muster or summon up an emotion or quality
“After manifesting his internal emotional turmoil, he finally had to yield, and watch a romantic comedy with his girlfriend.”
Opposite of to gather or bring in, especially crops
Opposite of to earn through work or effort
“An inability or disinclination to network with others will likely hamper your career.”
Opposite of to sign (someone) up for a job or task
Opposite of to arrive at a judgment or opinion by reasoning
“I don't know where we are going, but I can only guess it's not going to be a beach paradise.”
Opposite of to pluck or harvest flowers, fruits, or vegetables
“Arizona is a typical mountain girl who likes to grow flowers, sing, and square dance to the music of the fiddler on Saturday night.”
Opposite of to come into possession of, or to receive in return for effort
“They told him that it was very important not to lose the evidence of aliens.”
Opposite of to (selectively) take or derive from a source
“Although it was possible for us to originate the text for a subject such as World War II, it would obviously be impossible for us to originate the images.”
Opposite of to have a belief or be of the opinion of
“I doubt the new Miley Cyrus album will be very good.”
Opposite of to be told or informed of
“Maloney, lying snugly in the bear grass beside the track, would not be informed as to the arrangement.”
To logically form, or arrive at, an opinion or conclusion about something
“I believe, based on the evidence, that Mike Diehl facilitated his wife's death.”
Opposite of to issue, establish or apply as a fee, charge, fine or penalty
Opposite of to discover (something) by guesswork or intuition
“You'll need to know the exact amount of energy required for the warrior to maintain his defenses.”
Opposite of to believe, based on information
“I am likely to disbelieve the findings of the scientists.”
Opposite of to reach (a conclusion) by deduction or inference from a set of circumstances
“Investigators urged the public not to jump to conclusions about the motives of the suspects.”
Opposite of to acquire more of something
“If we reduce clutter in the house, it will feel more comfortable.”
Opposite of to form a supposition
“I know why you did what you did, but that doesn't it right.”
Opposite of a fold or crease, especially of skin or other tissue
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