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What is the opposite of full?

Need antonyms for full? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of holding as much or as many as possible
“He bolted towards the empty lift, but ironically, the doors closed as he got there.”
Opposite of with all parts included
“John confronted the manufacturer about an incomplete package that was delivered to him a week prior.”
Opposite of having eaten to one's limits or satisfaction
“The little ones were moody and agitated, which would likely suggest that they were hungry.”
Opposite of involving many activities
“It was a pretty uneventful fete, but at least they raised plenty of money for charity.”
Opposite of having or including many small details or features
“The pamphlet provides only a concise description of the available features.”
Opposite of not currently available for use
“There should be plenty of available seats given that the movie has been out for a while now.”
(full of) Opposite of filled with or abounding in
“The disease left her devoid of strength and unable to move.”
Opposite of to the highest degree, or at the maximum capacity
“The pilot ensured that the aircraft was flying the required minimum altitude of at least five hundred feet above the ground.”
(of a woman's figure or part of the body) Opposite of having a feminine figure that is plump or rounded
“She was a rather flat-chested, skinny girl during her adolescent years.”
Opposite of having a surfeit of body fat
“Many of his followers were concerned about his slender frame and posted comments suggesting he eat more.”
Opposite of powerful or rich in volume and sound
“He heard a faint ring in the background but was unsure if it was merely his imagination.”
(of a flavor or color) Opposite of rich or intense
“The dish was bland and appeared to be garnished with herbs that weren't entirely fresh.”
(of a garment) Opposite of cut generously with gathers or folds or so as to fit loosely
“How do you even breathe in those tight skinny jeans?”
Opposite of existing in large amounts or numbers
Opposite of including or considering all elements or aspects
Opposite of overfilled or overcrowded to the point of being clogged or blocked
Opposite of under the influence of alcohol
Opposite of complete and uncut, not having had any parts removed
Opposite of constituting or referring to all of something
“Members of the public were only allowed to see an incomplete version of the official report.”
Opposite of to an absolute degree
“I have absolutely zero faith that you can win this race against Rick.”
Opposite of exactly as stated or indicated
“He spoke indirectly to her, which she perceived as a sign that he was lying.”
(hardly) Opposite of to a great extent or degree
“The group was hardly aware that there was a large grizzly bear stalking them.”
(somewhat) Opposite of to a great extent or degree
“Kerry was somewhat conscious of the dire situation she was in, though never fully grasping its severity.”
Opposite of used to emphasize the accuracy of a figure or description
(part) Opposite of the whole of something
“A part of your debt has been paid by your father, but you will have to come up with the rest.”
(fraction) Opposite of the whole of something
“Don't be ridiculous! It will only take a fraction of your precious time to mow the lawn.”
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