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What is the opposite of finish?

Need antonyms for finish? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to come to an end or conclusion
“The footage will start in a few minutes!”
Opposite of to put the final touches to
“Can you please not begin an argument that you cannot finish?”
(of food) Opposite of to consume or get through the final amount or portion of
“Instead of eating dinner, he would nurse his drink until it killed his appetite.”
(of a resource) Opposite of to consume or get through the final amount or portion of
“With this recipe, you can double the batch and save some for later.”
Opposite of to put a coating on, especially as a final touch
“I try to strip the layer of paint in a safe way, by sealing off the room with poly sheets, moistening the paint, and then scraping it off.”
Opposite of to end the life of, or defeat comprehensively
“The Vikings were in good spirits and were becoming well disposed to Bagnold, so they decided to spare him instead of killing him.”
Opposite of to exit from a given situation, place or event
“A wraith-catcher, who had fortuitously been staying in the village the night before, will take Sophie to begin her quest to recover sister.”
Opposite of to put an end to something
Opposite of to draw to a close
“There is still plenty of topics to cover, and the discussion will continue tomorrow.”
Opposite of to use up the supply or resources of
Opposite of to give up or abstain from something
Opposite of to carry out an action to the end
“I have realized that I should perhaps abandon my search for the perfect wife.”
To bring about or cause something to happen
“I am going to effect some changes in the way chores are allocated in this household.”
(of a business) Opposite of to go bankrupt
“Against the odds, his cafe would thrive in a suburb that was saturated with various eatery options.”
(of an event, action, or process) Opposite of to come to an end or cease to occur
“Jim's questioning of the president would continue despite the fact that he was asked to stop with his badgering.”
Opposite of to defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength
Opposite of to apply a veneer or layer to
Opposite of to achieve or complete successfully
“Laziness will almost certainly mean you will fail in your endeavors.”
Opposite of to consume a substance that is (presumably) edible
“She would proceed to spit the food out in disgust due to its bitter aftertaste.”
(beginning) Opposite of an end or final part or stage of something
“The beginning of the joke has to start strong, and then end with a clever punchline.”
(continuation) Opposite of an end or final part or stage of something
“The narrative is the continuation of the story that began with the inception of human life.”
Opposite of the surface appearance of a manufactured material or object, or the material used to produce this
“There was a superficial scratch on the brushed metal finish but the interior was still intact.”
Opposite of a point or place at which a race or competition ends
“Having lost ground at the start of the race, El-Nabi pitted at the end of Lap 2 to take his compulsory pit stop.”
(sports) Opposite of a score or goal which results from a well-executed sequence of actions
“His execution was less than perfect, but he ended up with the point anyway.”
Opposite of a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion or progress
Opposite of something achieved with effort, skill, or courage
Opposite of a substance fused to a surface to form a shiny coating, especially for pottery
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