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What is the opposite of fall?

Need antonyms for fall? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to fall down or to a lower level, especially abruptly
“It was impressive to see the young colt rise so quickly after tripping over.”
Opposite of to physically move from a higher to a lower level
“During the festival, many hot air balloons would ascend into the sky.”
Opposite of to decrease in number, amount, intensity, or quality
“We have to make adjustments as costs continue to increase due to inflation.”
Opposite of to surrender to, or to be conquered by
“Despite the onslaught at the mouth of Blackwater Rush, Joffrey's forces would still defeat Stannis' army.”
Opposite of to become weaker or worse
“In a saturated market, their business continues to flourish despite stiff competition.”
Opposite of to be badly wounded or killed
“In a miraculous moment, Peter Quill somehow manages to survive despite holding the infinity stone.”
Opposite of to ebb or recede
“It was unexpected to see the tides flood at this time of the day.”
Opposite of to cause (something) to descend to the ground
“The community would erect a statue of their hero in the town center.”
Opposite of to die or cease living
Opposite of to go or sink underground or underwater
Opposite of to pour from, or as from, a container, especially by accident
Opposite of to become weaker or of poorer quality
“The reception appeared to progressively recover as we shifted the antenna to a different location.”
Opposite of an act of physically falling
“Her swift recovery after falling to the ground enabled her to get to the ball and execute a winner down the line.”
Opposite of a decrease in size, number, rate, or level
“The coach said that even a minimal rise in endeavor would have gotten the team over the line.”
(aggrandisement) Opposite of an act or instance of being defeated or overthrown
“The aggrandizement of Daenerys was getting stronger and more apparent as she defeated cities and liberated slaves.”
(victory) Opposite of an act or instance of being defeated or overthrown
“Daenerys' decisive victory at Yunkai won the hearts of the people who celebrated her as Mhysa.”
Opposite of an act or instance of surrendering
“Despite the unrelenting siege on their fortification, the soldiers' resistance would not falter.”
Opposite of a downward difference in height between parts of a surface
“Just below it leaned a tottering crag that would have toppled, starting an avalanche on an acclivity where no sliding mass could stop.”
Opposite of the lapse of humankind into a state of sin, as ascribed in theology
“Although grace initiates the salvation of man, man must reciprocate with his life through faith and good works.”
Opposite of an act of dropping or falling downwards
“The ascent into space begins, first slowly, and then rapidly as the tremendous force of the rocket engines pushes the payload faster and faster.”
Opposite of the collapse or defeat of an authoritative figure or governing body
Opposite of a significant or total loss of power, prosperity, or status
“A notable businessman, who started off as an ordinary salesman, told me that he put his success down to that one little trick for breaking the ice with his customers.”
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