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What is the opposite of express?

Need antonyms for express? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of operating at high speed and in the shortest or most effective manner
“Commuters complained about the train making too many stops and taking an indirect route to get to their destination.”
Opposite of continuing to a destination or target without interruption
“However, a resource discovery message is likely traversed by using an indirect path instead of the shortest path due to DHT properties.”
Opposite of clearly and explicitly stated
“I was unsure as to how to proceed as the instructions provided to me were rather vague.”
Opposite of specifically identified to the exclusion of anything else
“My five-in-one pressure cooker enables me to cook in multiple ways.”
Opposite of accurate or correct in all details
“Did you feel in the storytelling there were any particularly glaring omissions or otherwise historically inaccurate stuff?”
Opposite of done or occurring quickly or promptly
Opposite of not capable of being denied, challenged, or disputed
Opposite of happening within an imperceptibly brief period of time
“According to the model, the Big Bang is followed by a period of slow expansion and gradual accumulation of dark energy.”
Opposite of characteristic of, or belonging to, a single or particular person or thing
Opposite of happening or coming rapidly or immediately
Opposite of happening or done quickly and promptly
“The input is to be treated as a delayed reply to an earlier question.”
Opposite of clearly defined or identified
“This room has no specific purpose and is just for general use.”
Opposite of that operates, moves, or takes place at a greater than normal speed
Opposite of denotes a proceeding from one point to another in the quickest manner and without interruption
“This will be an interrupted train ride with several stops along its route.”
Opposite of being certain or convinced about a fact
“Kris wanted so desperately to trust Jim, but was uncertain of his motives.”
Opposite of used to emphasize that something belongs to a particular person
“We all know of couples who share a common distaste for certain things and, indeed, seem to share only that.”
Opposite of to convey or express in a particular way or manner
“He recounted the times that he would repress feelings of anger during his childhood.”
Opposite of to embody in visual or physical form
“As a filmmaker, he would do well not to misrepresent the historical accuracy of his subject's life.”
Opposite of to apply external pressure on so as to force out the (liquid) contents of
“Students were advised to contain the solution as exposing it would likely result in the failure of the experiment.”
Opposite of to represent in a physical, concrete or visible form
Opposite of to cause to take, or to represent in, physical or material form
Opposite of to signify or convey an object or idea
“The refrigerator is still full of food, which will contradict any presumption that I have to go shopping for groceries again.”
Opposite of to present formally for discussion or consideration
“The politician would recant his statement when it caused a public outcry.”
Opposite of to express something definitely or clearly in speech or writing
“I heard her mumble something under her breath as she was escorted out of the building.”
(understand) Opposite of to convey or express in a particular way or manner
“I understand that you don't quite agree with that?”
(nonsensify) Opposite of to convey or express in a particular way or manner
“The artist, generalizing from the facts of experience, combines concrete symbols absurdly so as to nonsensify pragmatic reality.”
Opposite of to push or thrust out
“Theoretically, it is simple to just pull the rope through the anchor.”
Opposite of to offer an opinion
“We will not be able to come up with any solutions to this issue if you remain silent.”
Opposite of to declare loudly, openly or publicly
“Instead, she would suppress information regarding the dire economic situation facing the nation.”
Opposite of to give a hint of
“They used myth to explain natural phenomena, cultural variations, traditional enmities, and friendships.”
Opposite of to precisely state or describe the nature, scope, or meaning of
“Nuno is critical of guitarists who copy the works of others, encouraging reinterpretation instead.”
To imply but stop short of saying explicitly
“His comments were designed to suggest that my derriere appeared rather portly in the pants I was wearing.”
Opposite of to extract (a liquid or a soft substance) from something by compressing or twisting it
“Remove cheese slices and place them on a plate with a paper towel to absorb the oil.”
Opposite of to be a symbol or embodiment of
“I have every right to antithesize your deluded sentiment about certain religions.”
Opposite of a person carrying information to another
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