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What is the opposite of divide?

Need antonyms for divide? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

(join) Opposite of to separate or be separated into parts
“At the time, it was generally held that local shipwrights did not use nails to join the planks of a ship.”
(merge) Opposite of to separate or be separated into parts
“To merge the ingredients together after thawing, get a whisk or a wooden spoon and give the sauce a good mix.”
Opposite of to share or be shared out in parts
“This is a concept in which villagers pool money to create a fund from which they can lend out smaller amounts of money to members.”
Opposite of to form a boundary between (two people or things)
“The current wall separating the Great Hall and the Multi-Purpose Room is going to be removed and replaced with sliding doors to better connect the two rooms.”
Opposite of to diverge into two or more separate paths
“The doors to the utility room, a family room and the second entrance all converge at this point.”
Opposite of to categorize a group based on type or class
“The audio deserves a special mention as white noise and ethereal voices combine to create a disturbing atmosphere.”
Opposite of to cause disagreement or fractions within a group
“Farmers nationwide will unite to urge the Government to act swiftly and firmly.”
Opposite of to disagree on a given issue or concept
“When persons achieve perfect rationality, they accord with the rational order of a universe ruled by divine reason.”
(arithmetic) Opposite of to calculate the quotient by which you must multiply the divisor to produce the dividend
“To multiply by 10, all you have to do is to put a cipher after the multiplicand.”
Opposite of to cause to feel less close, friendly or caring
Opposite of to split, or cause to split, from a group that one is associated with
“Friends and family would constantly urge and encourage Michael to join the gym to improve his health.”
Opposite of to chop or cut into very small pieces
Opposite of to separate into pieces as a result of a collision, blow, shock, or strain
“The town has appropriated funds to repair the bridge and work should begin this summer.”
Opposite of to assort according to type, category or class
“One day my boss asked me if I knew how to randomize a list of names in Excel.”
Opposite of to separate something from something else with or as if with a screen
Opposite of to reckon or calculate
Opposite of to cut or chop into small or separate pieces
Opposite of to disagree with or dispute
“I agree that this craze is on the rise, but it evoked a bigger issue for me.”
Opposite of to cut or divide into parts
“Several miles south of Brad's house, the train tracks diverge from the highway.”
Opposite of a difference or disagreement between two or more groups or concepts
“Unless we see the dollar and the euro coming closer to parity, it is unlikely to happen.”
Opposite of a break or hole in an object or between two objects
“There was just an end with no holes or opening for the rope to get through.”
Opposite of a partition or line of demarcation
“The juncture between leaf stem and tree branch slowly seals itself off, forming a corky layer called the abscission zone.”
Opposite of a gap or opening
“He threw his hands in the air when a car caused a blockage in the middle of a traffic juncture and prevented him from passing.”
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