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What is the opposite of consider?

Need antonyms for consider? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Opposite of to think meticulously about something, usually before a decision is made
“Your thesis is so full of conjecture and unsubstantiated claims that I am inclined to dismiss it.”
(with object and complement) Opposite of to attribute a quality to someone or something
“I absolutely reject the idea that he is innocent of the crimes he is purported to have committed.”
Opposite of to observe attentively
“My obvious tendency to deliberately ignore whatever you have to say, should manifest to you that I have zero interest in what you are trying to sell.”
(something) Opposite of to take into account before making a judgment call
“I recommend that everyone disregard his lies and untruths before the court and find him guilty.”
Opposite of to regard as an opinion
“As you freely allow that scoundrel to express his opinions, I can no longer sit idly by and withhold mine.”
Opposite of to form an understanding or conclusion from something
(about a particular subject) Opposite of to express or communicate one's opinion or ideas with a person or a group of people
“The coach continually tried to skirt the issue when pressed about cultural problems within the team.”
Opposite of to consider or deem to have a given value or quality
Opposite of to direct one's gaze
“Trying to remain inconspicuous, she would avert any passersby as she walked through the city.”
Opposite of to have as a belief or opinion
“He and his employers refute accusations that his style of investigation constitutes entrapment.”
Opposite of to classify as
“The US Fish and Wildlife Service will decide next month whether to declassify the bald eagle as a threatened species.”
Opposite of to hold an opinion
“I doubt that the president should be spending so much time on social media.”
Opposite of to judge and form an opinion of the value of
“It is important to know the value of stamps before buying them.”
Opposite of to believe, based on information
“I am likely to disbelieve the findings of the scientists.”
Opposite of to draw conclusions from an examination or assessment
“The vast number of variables at play will only serve to complicate our assessment.”
Opposite of to represent or deal with in a particular way, in writing or speaking
“I want to briefly discuss two TV examples, just because these two shows, in particular, mishandle the subject in a certain way.”
Opposite of to think hard about something because one cannot understand it
Opposite of to regard as likely
“I know that is a durian based on the unmistakable smell.”
Opposite of to compare the relative weight or importance of
“I'm really organized in my work life but I overcompensate it with a chaotic personal life.”
Opposite of to make an estimate
“I can confirm that roughly half of the students here are in debt.”
Opposite of to refer to or consider (someone or something) as being
“If truth be told, I disassociate you as being an elitist, given your indifferent nature about most things related to politics.”
Opposite of to identify and measure the chemical constituents of (a substance or specimen)
Opposite of to go over in one's head
“I have had time to think, and now it is time to act.”
Opposite of to look at closely in order to observe or read
“You might want to just skim through Galileo's geometrical proofs and focus your attention on his conclusions.”
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