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What is the opposite of collected?

Need antonyms for collected? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

(of a person) Opposite of calm and self-controlled
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Opposite of showing little or no feeling
Opposite of an absence of stress or worry
“Even inside, door locked and security system activated, she was tense.”
Opposite of not affected by emotion or excitement
Opposite of not easily upset or excited
(attributive) Opposite of feeling or exuding self-assurance
“They were insecure young men, who were led astray by a charismatic self-proclaimed prophet.”
Opposite of having a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style, manner, or nature
“You will abide by my strict rules to maintain absolute cleanliness and hygiene in my household!”
Opposite of boldly self-assured or confident
“The barbarians were subdued and became submissive to the enchantress' whims.”
Opposite of steady or balanced
“Ellianne saw that his usually graceful movements were unsteady and shaking.”
Opposite of having been accumulated or amassed
Opposite of displaying logic and common sense
“Her explanation for her bad behavior was completely illogical.”
Opposite of slow to reveal emotion or opinions
Opposite of having been gained or earned into one's possession
Opposite of polite, elegant, and sophisticated in manner
“He was said to be boorish, unmannerly, argumentative, moody and addicted to reading, of all things.”
Opposite of the state of being varied or diverse
“She likes to perform similar types of music while she establishes her niche.”
Opposite of to have mustered
“After manifesting his internal emotional turmoil, he finally yielded, and watched a romantic comedy with his girlfriend.”
Opposite of to have accepted or received, typically something awarded
“She had worked hard and tried her best, but ultimately failed at winning a medal during the tournament.”
Opposite of past tense for to acquire or store an increasing number or quantity of
“It was time to discard most of the junk we had been hoarding over the years.”
Opposite of past tense for to accumulate or gather together into a single mass or collection
“We would spread the parts out systematically before we began building.”
Opposite of past tense for to come together and form a group (of people)
“There is still chaos in the arena despite attempts by facility staff to disperse the crowd and restore orderly operation.”
Opposite of past tense for to receive or raise funds or donations
“The couple will be asking their guests to donate money to charity instead of giving them presents.”
Opposite of past tense for to fetch or pick up someone
“Anthony wants someone to take him to the place he loves and to take him all the way.”
Opposite of past tense for to concentrate (one's thoughts)
“It was getting to the tail end of the day, and I could feel my mind begin to wander.”
Opposite of past tense for to regain control of oneself, typically after a shock
“It is natural to lose yourself in the moment when your child is born.”
Opposite of past tense for to assimilate into a single body, structure or system
“Please separate the documents and archive those that are more than twelve months old.”
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