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What is the opposite of breaks?

Need antonyms for breaks? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

(repairs) Opposite of to separate into pieces as a result of a collision, blow, shock, or strain
“The town has appropriated funds to repair the bridge and work should begin this summer.”
(combines) Opposite of to separate into pieces as a result of a collision, blow, shock, or strain
“I showed my son how to combine the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together again.”
(of a rule, law or agreement) Opposite of to fail to keep or abide by
“Johnson reaffirmed that he would honor his contract with his sporting club.”
Opposite of to stop proceedings, typically in relation to arduous activity
“After lunch, we will resume proceedings.”
Opposite of to stop or interrupt an action, process or operation
“I don't appreciate the fact that you try to perpetuate the pathetic myth that Britpop was some kind of idyllic golden age for British music.”
Opposite of to tell or reveal news or information
“Although everyone who lies wants to conceal the truth, not everyone who wants to conceal the truth lies.”
Opposite of to be revealed
“Loki and Doctor Strange would secret the Inifinity Stones away from Thanos.”
Opposite of to exceed or cross a given limit
“The house sold at a price that would subceed my expectations.”
(functions) Opposite of to become inoperative
“The computer will need to be repaired in order to function again.”
(stabilises) Opposite of to become inoperative
“Our systems are finally starting to stabilize after a few technical issues.”
Opposite of to cause damage to
“I should dust off and fix my bike if I'm going to train again.”
Opposite of to cushion something's effect
“The height of the drop would exacerbate the impact of the vehicle's fall from the bridge.”
Opposite of to happen, occur or come into existence
“Gwen would suddenly cease her singing right in the middle of the chorus due to a sore throat.”
Opposite of to retreat from something frightening or dangerous
“Despite pundits opining that Joe was out of his depth, he would ultimately still face his imposing opponent.”
Opposite of to sustain an injury involving the fracture of a bone or bones in a part of the body
“A 12-month rehabilitation period will be required to heal damage to his ligaments.”
Opposite of to decipher or solve through reasoning, analysis or logic
“You can use this software to encrypt the file.”
(of a habit) Opposite of to quit or give up
“His family became increasingly worried that he would continue to maintain his bad habits and vices over the long term.”
Opposite of to be overcome by a given feeling or emotion
“She would initially resist the seduction of a good bargain but eventually caved in under the weight of temptation.”
Opposite of to cause to become tired, weary or fatigued
“The natural light bathing her room would help to energize and refresh her.”
Opposite of to move in a (usually sharp) turn
“He was starting to meander into the next lane, so his partner told him to straighten up.”
(of the weather) Opposite of to undergo a change
“It looks like the rain will continue for the next week or so.”
Opposite of to break through a surface
“The nurse would withdraw the needle after inoculating the child.”
Opposite of to penetrate the surface from below
“The scientist watches an eagle dive into the river, emerging laboriously moments later with silver salmon firmly in its talons.”
Opposite of to destroy, weaken or work against
“The increasingly alienating events in the years and decades to follow did nothing but strengthen their cause.”
Opposite of to fail in business or to become bankrupt
“It's likely that some of this ill-gotten gain has been used to capitalize businesses or enrich universities.”
Opposite of to reduce the value or price of
“If you are buying an asset, it's fair to say that you hope that the value will appreciate over time.”
(of a piece of land) Opposite of to cut into and turn over the sod of
“Engineers were asked to fill the land with sand and stones.”
(informal) Opposite of departures from the norm
“The constancy of having lived in a busy city for the last five years is wearing on me.”
Opposite of a person's predestined situation or status in life
Opposite of plural for a gap or opening
“He threw his hands in the air when a car caused a blockage in the middle of a traffic juncture and prevented him from passing.”
Opposite of plural for a short pause in work or during an activity or event
“The resumption of work will begin half an hour from now.”
Opposite of plural for an interruption of continuity or uniformity
“The seamlessness during the upgrading of operating systems is unlike any of its predecessors.”
Opposite of plural for a change from a friendly to an unfriendly relationship
“He was now hoping for a rapprochement between the two countries, a concord that I think is unlikely.”
Opposite of plural for an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck
“They have recently suffered misfortune due to the wild and turbulent weather.”
Opposite of plural for an act of breaking free from confinement, danger or control
“The capture of a wight was significant in convincing Cersei that a threat from the white walkers was real.”
Opposite of plural for a change in the weather
“The continuation of the unprecedented cold snap has seen many European tourist attractions close its doors to the public.”
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