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What is the noun for witlessness?

What's the noun for witlessness? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (plural) Sanity.
  2. (plural) The senses.
  3. Intellectual ability; faculty of thinking, reasoning.
  4. The ability to think quickly; mental cleverness, especially under short time constraints.
  5. Intelligence; common sense.
  6. Humour, especially when clever or quick.
  7. A person who tells funny anecdotes or jokes; someone witty.
  8. Synonyms:
  9. Examples:
    1. “Wain's poetry presents an example of the careful yet clever use of wit and wry humor to undercut the assumptions of tradition.”
      “Practically every line drips with wit and intelligence. This is a film with a lot of memorable quotes, both funny and meaningful.”
      “Let him cast about and use his wit to get out of that impasse as he best can.”
  1. A person who feigns wit, pretending or aspiring to be witty.
  2. A person with very little wit.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “And witling married the youngest and loveliest princess, and became king after her father's death.”
      “It was a tone of authority that the witling recognized, and it commanded his weak will and giant strength.”
      “To address this issue, the new program would ask investors to set a price at which they would be witling to accept a short-sale offer.”
  1. (rare) An inferior or pretended wit.
  1. The state of being witless; stupidity.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Many in attendance were embarrassed at the sheer witlessness of some of the arguments presented.”
      “But this stream of vomit and poo gags is delivered with such witlessness that they start to resemble a form of torture.”
      “Believe it or not, a lot of Aussies are embarrassed at the sheer witlessness of some of the men's comments.”
  1. (obsolete) Knowledge, awareness.
  1. a person who frequently uses witticisms
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The witticist had the room in stitches with her clever one-liners and quick wit.”
  1. (especially in combination) The condition of being witted
  1. a witty remark
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “He sat quietly, with a sardonic expression on his gaunt face, and spoke only when the opportunity occurred to throw in a witticism.”
      “In response to each new sally of witticism, the Indians would break into uncontrollable fits of merriment.”
      “There is a hackneyed witticism about crofts being little pieces of land surrounded by regulations.”
  1. the quality of being witty
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Writers must always be careful to weigh the wittiness of their readers against the obviousness of the written humour.”
      “Against Hallward's wishes, the two met, and Dorian was immediately taken by Lord Henry's fascinating words, presence and wittiness.”
      “I'm not sure they actually say much about the subject, more about the wittiness of the contributors.”
  1. plural of wit
  2. (plural only) Senses.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “There, the Indian pair will be matching their wits against the world's best puzzle solvers.”
      “Have you lost your wits? You, most of all, should know the depth of the villainy of those garments.”
      “However, their quick wits and intelligence often brings them through, and they may make a fortune from nothing.”
  1. plural of witticism
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Turner's watercolours are filled with visual witticisms, signs and symbols.”
      “The witticisms of Oscar Wilde are without a doubt some of the most amusing and perceptive observations on society.”
      “He sprinkles witticisms and little musical gems like this throughout the show, entertaining the audience during Williams' many costume changes.”
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