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What is the noun for visualized?

What's the noun for visualized? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. (uncountable) The sense or ability of sight.
  2. Something seen; an object perceived visually.
  3. (countable) Something imaginary one thinks one sees.
  4. (by extension) Something unreal or imaginary; a creation of fancy.
  5. (countable) An ideal or a goal toward which one aspires.
  6. (countable) A religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance.
  7. (countable) A person or thing of extraordinary beauty.
  8. Synonyms:
  9. Examples:
    1. “I was able to focus my vision and noticed a stranger lurking in the distance.”
      “Successful entrepreneurs are known to have an almost instinctive vision for what the future holds.”
      “Adam is haunted by a vision in his dreams of a strange, orange-skinned man.”
  1. Any element of something that depends on sight.
  2. An image; a picture; a graphic.
  3. (plural) All the visual elements of a multi-media presentation or entertainment, usually in contrast with normal text or audio.
  4. (advertising) A preliminary sketch.
  5. Synonyms:
  6. Examples:
    1. “You can better understand the complexities of the system with the help of a visual.”
  1. Someone who visualizes; especially someone whose mental imagery is visual.
  2. That which provides a visualization.
  3. A person in the advertising industry who produces artwork for presentations.
  4. Synonyms:
  1. (uncountable) The condition of being visible.
  2. (countable) The degree to which things may be seen.
  3. (programming) The scope within which a variable or function is able to be accessed directly.
  4. Synonyms:
  5. Examples:
    1. “More easily appraised than such intangible factors are the four external factors affecting the visibility of any object.”
      “Route-finding was difficult due to limited visibility, and the climbing was increasingly difficult amid rain and snow showers.”
      “Nor do we find in any of the accounts of survivors or witnesses any evidence whatsoever to sustain the statement that there was poor visibility that day.”
  1. someone who has visions; a seer
  2. an impractical dreamer
  3. someone who has positive ideas about the future
  4. Synonyms:
  5. Examples:
    1. “Once scorned as a visionary, he lived to be venerated as an institution, a patrician rebel, an idealist who refused to despair, a moral man who declined to permit age to mellow him.”
      “A seventeenth-century visionary had foretold of these current events.”
  1. (archaic) A visionary, one who has visions.
  2. (business) One who converts a vision (such as idea or concept) into a visual image, e.g. a storyboard, animation, movie footage. (domain: multimedia, advertising). Same as visualizer (American advertising usage).
  1. The act of visualizing, or something visualized.
  2. (computing) A visual representation of data.
  3. Synonyms:
  4. Examples:
    1. “I am engaged in the visualization of complex architectural solutions.”
      “Emeril has been piecing together a visualization of what he wanted his life to be like.”
      “Through the use of visualization and meditation, subjects can accelerate physical healing and solve problems.”
  1. The privileging of vision over other means of sensory perception.
  1. A person with a strong visual sense.
  1. The state or condition of being visionary.
  2. Examples:
    1. “His visionariness, tranquility, consistence and responsibility, his special way of communicating will be cherished in our memory.”
      “The situation calls for novel solutions, insight and visionariness.”
  1. Alternative form of visualization
  2. Examples:
    1. “The centre offers nutritional therapy, psychoneuroimmunology, healing, massage, creative therapy, relaxation, visualisation and meditation.”
      “She chooses a digital visualisation of a black rainbow made from daylight fireworks by a Chinese artist.”
      “This technique allows for clear visualisation of the pouch of Douglas and adnexa.”
  1. The quality of being visualizable.
  1. The act by which something is envisioned.
  1. The state or quality of being visible.
  2. Examples:
    1. “In authorship articles for the web, your chief concern would be in gaining as much visibleness as you can.”
      “The store itself has a relatively inexpensive rent because the location isn't the most desirable even though it has a high visibleness position.”
      “Unique articles are imperative as they progress a website's visibleness on the Internet.”
  1. The quality of being visual.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The dialectic of display and secrecy essential to Mouride visuality is what gives Serigne Faye's imagorium such tangible impact.”
      “The authors then veer away from the visuality they take as their main subject, however, and begin instead to focus on women's songs.”
      “Mark Mussari explores the cultural significance of colour through a discussion of Umberto Eco's work on chromatic perception and visuality.”
  1. The quality of being visual.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The visualness of the art exhibition was awe-inspiring, as vibrant colors and detailed brushstrokes transformed the canvases into lifelike masterpieces.”
  1. A visionary.
  2. Examples:
    1. “There the girl is mistaken for a visionist — someone capable of mystical visions — and she becomes the object of both admiration and suspicion.”
      “While he lived Crane was described by critical readers as a realist, an impressionist, a visionist, symbolist, expressionist, and ironist.”
      “I was hoping that horses like Power Politics, Visionist and Taqseem could progress to the Golden Shaheen, but they could not.”
  1. plural of visualization
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “These visualizations should empower users to display information and turn it into actionable knowledge.”
      “Some of the visualizations which are available include depictions of the patent landscape as a topographical map.”
      “To watch: A video by Edward Lee of recaps 2011 through a series of maps and data visualizations.”
  1. plural of visualisation
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Massage, aromatherapy, breathing exercises and guided visualisations will be among the techniques explored.”
      “I have found personally that my visualisations are more akin to waking dreams, the type that can be superimposed upon my conscious sight.”
      “Unlike the models and visualisations, these drawings are a trace of the collaboration that produced the architecture.”
  1. plural of visualizer
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “In past times, we divided ourselves into the introverts and the extroverts, the field-dependent and the field-independent, the visualizers and the verbalizers.”
      “So, he has access to his entire timeline, and it was up to the visualizers to visualize it in some way that it might be.”
      “Back to the point, it has been leapfrogged by several other visualizers.”
  1. plural of visualist
  2. Examples:
    1. “Jeunet is one of the world's great visualists behind the motion picture camera.”
  1. plural of visioning
  1. plural of visionist
  1. plural of visionary
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “He was a Mexican priest who had been appointed vice postulator of the Causes for the Beatification of the two young Fatima visionaries.”
      “Its proponents were often like visionaries, preachers of this new religion of nature.”
      “The starting points were all the mad men in the sun, those desert fathers and pillarists, the strange, demented visionaries who were laughed at.”
  1. plural of visioner
  1. plural of visual
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “The play even introduces elements of kabuki, shouted Japanese, and eleventh-century visuals into its overweening mix.”
      “With its amazing soundtrack and psychedelic rainbow visuals it captivates adults and kids alike.”
      “The format of this book is alive with visuals and packed with persuasive language.”
  1. plural of vision
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Such strange visions appeared during my delirium, beach demons with claws, odd quadrupeds, wings that staggered through dusk.”
      “I'm all sampling strings and accordions, almost to where it brings up visions of a pastoral French landscape.”
      “This extract from Hildegard of Bingen, an abbess, is from a book of ecstatic visions.”
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