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What is the noun for bounciness?

What's the noun for bounciness? Here's the word you're looking for.

  1. A change of direction of motion after hitting the ground or an obstacle.
  2. A movement up and then down (or vice versa), once or repeatedly.
  3. An email return with any error.
  4. The sack, licensing.
  5. A bang, boom.
  6. A drink based on brandyW.
  7. A heavy, sudden, and often noisy, blow or thump.
  8. Bluster; brag; untruthful boasting; audacious exaggeration; an impudent lie; a bouncer.
  9. Scyllium catulus, a European dogfish.
  10. A genre of New Orleans music.
  11. (slang, African American Vernacular) Drugs.
  12. (slang, African American Vernacular) Swagger.
  13. (slang, African American Vernacular) A 'good' beat.
  14. (slang, African American Vernacular) A talent for leaping.
  15. Synonyms:
  16. Examples:
    1. “She would completely misjudge the bounce of the ball, swinging at it haphazardly and wildly.”
      “This reduces the amount of bounce in the back tire, providing a smoother, more efficient all-around ride.”
      “But there was no bounce and cheerfulness in her voice like there used to be.”
  1. (informal) A member of security personnel employed by bars, nightclubs, etc to maintain order and deal with patrons who cause trouble.
  2. (cricket) A short-pitched ball that bounces up towards, or above the height of the batsman’s head.
  3. (Internet) An account or server (as with IRC and FTP) that invisibly redirects requests to another, used for anonymity or vanity.
  4. (dated) One who bounces; a large, heavy person who makes much noise in moving.
  5. (slang, archaic) A boaster; a bully.
  6. (slang, archaic) A bold lie.
  7. (slang, archaic) A liar.
  8. Something big; a good stout example of the kind.
  9. A bouncy castle.
  10. A kind of seat mounted in a framework in which a baby can bounce up and down.
  11. Synonyms:
  12. Examples:
    1. “A Tewkesbury worker has become the first in the county to complete a course to qualify as a bouncer.”
      “She looked up to see a very strongly built man, who looked more suitable as a bouncer than a clerk.”
      “Edmonds wore not one but two bruises, both of the Caribbean sunset kind, one from a bouncer and one from a beamer, both from Patrick Patterson.”
  1. The characteristic of being bouncy.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Her graduation day was filled with bounciness as she walked across the stage, filled with joyous elation for her accomplishments.”
      “The bounciness of the trampoline allowed me to jump high in the air.”
      “Here the characteristics of the material inside the ball are responsible for the bounciness of the ball.”
  1. The act of something that bounces.
  1. plural of bouncing
  1. plural of bouncer
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “She had hardly had a chance to finish her drink when she was manhandled by burly bouncers and unceremoniously dumped outside the door.”
      “Of course, there are two sides to every coin and not all bouncers are muscle-bound, impotent meatheads.”
      “You too will have to be walked out in a shuffle, the doormen now more like sanitarium orderlies than bouncers.”
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