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What is a pachytene?

What is a pachytene? Here are some definitions.

  1. (biology) The third prophase of meiosis, during which the chromosomes shorten and divide into four chromatids
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The reason is that homologous pairing takes place before metaphasis, during pachytene.
This structural heterozygosity correlates with both a previously described recombination block and cytologically visible unpaired chromosomes at pachytene.
Zygotene and pachytene chromosomes can be distinguished by their different morphology due to the extent of synapsis.
This SC karyotype is very similar to karyotypes developed from pachytene chromosome squashes.
During pachytene, the chromosomes are less condensed and much longer than in mitotic metaphases.
In addition, Creighton used pachytene stage chromosomes to continue deletion mapping studies.

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