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What does capitalisation mean?

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word capitalisation? Here's what it means.

  1. The act or process of capitalising.
    1. Choice of case (when writing a word); the act or process of writing a word in a particular case, such as ALL CAPS, CamelCase, or all lowercase.
    2. The act or process of seizing (an opportunity) and profiting or obtaining an advantage (from it).
  2. The state of being capitalised.
    1. The state of having a particular case, such as ALL CAPS or all lowercase.
  3. The total value of all outstanding shares for a publicly-traded company
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We didn't aggressively play cyclicals and we should have taken larger positions in small market capitalisation internet stocks.
Check all written work and apply the standards of writing conventions: grammar, capitalisation, punctuation, spelling, and paragraphing.
It was a small company trading on the small capitalisation market of the NASDAQ Index.
His conversational style, emphasised by his use of italics and capitalisation, has attracted generations of readers.
The purpose is to summarise key information about the company's financial condition, capitalisation and risk factors.
On capitalisation, I have nothing whatever to add to the thousands, probably tens of thousands of learned and not-so-learned papers on the subject.

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