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What is the adjective for newness?

What's the adjective for newness? Here's the word you're looking for.

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb new which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts.

  1. Recently made, or created.
  2. Additional; recently discovered.
  3. Current or later, as opposed to former.
  4. Used to distinguish something established more recently, named after something or some place previously existing.
  5. In original condition; pristine; not previously worn or used.
  6. Refreshed, reinvigorated, reformed.
  7. Newborn.
  8. Of recent origin; having taken place recently.
  9. Strange, unfamiliar or not previously known.
  10. Recently arrived or appeared.
  11. Inexperienced or unaccustomed at some task.
  12. (of a period of time) Next; about to begin or recently begun.
  13. (vegetable) The first of the season.
  14. Synonyms:
  15. Examples:
    1. “Kanye West's new album was a great success.”
      “You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this!”
      “Some new details have emerged surrounding the case.”
  1. (rare) Not containing anything new.
  2. (computing) Not containing or using an operator new.
  1. Having a newel (stair pillar).
  1. Having a newel (stair pillar).
  1. Archaic spelling of new.
  2. Examples:
    1. “If a man will marry, let him marry, but let no patient Griselda gin the hous to dight for the newe lady.”
      “The sixte and laste is, they wilbe pleased to change the savage name of Kiccowtan, and to give that Incorporation a newe name.”
      “The Newe Testament... Conferred diligently with the Greke, and best approued translations.”
  1. (informal) Somewhat new
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Look up the following newish open compounds in a modern dictionary to see if they are yet recorded as lexemes in English.”
      “There is even a newish ice rink and ice hockey team, called the Belfast Giants.”
      “Following the milk float was a convoy vehicle, which we believe was a newish black Volkswagen Golf or similar.”
  1. comparative form of new: more new More recent.
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “I slipped off my newer skirt and threw it in the laundry basket opposite the wastebasket and began to unbutton my blouse.”
      “Ancient amber, jade and other precious stones are lovingly re-created in polymer clay, as well as newer, space-age materials, such as niobium.”
      “The repair procedures differ depending on whether it is an older wall with lath and plaster, or a newer wall using gypsum wallboard.”
  1. superlative form of new: most new
  2. Synonyms:
  3. Examples:
    1. “Asia's newest high-tech airport reaches out from a man-made land bridge between two islands in the Yellow Sea.”
      “The Pacific island nation Kiribati, the newest addition to the Olympic family, made its debut in the quadrennial event.”
      “Hmas Stuart one of the Royal Australian Navy's newest warships has been given her pink slip.”
  1. simple past tense and past participle of new
  1. present participle of new
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