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How to use untalented in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word untalented? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
This is acceptable to Nozick since untalented people would have starved anyway had the land remained unowned.
The imposing residence of the director has been turned over to the Sydney Writers' Centre where the untalented are pursued by the incompetent.
By his own admission, he was too untrained and untalented to utter an on-camera word.
He's clearly not the most talented person, but we love to watch these numbskulls and untalented folks get further than you think they would.
Sometimes when you go through the papers, you have to read that you're a boring, untalented person, and you have to live with that.
This success will help these students be more comfortable in drawing later and not think that they are untalented in art.
I cannot recall a movie that has starred so many untalented people who cannot act.
The government is being highly hypocritical, but that's nothing new from this group of untalented amateurs.
It's a good deal for a few untalented, sluggish, un-patriotic young people, too.
This pretentious, precious, pseudo-poetic, name-dropping drivel is one of those endless monologues that in the hands of an arrogant, untalented twit become menaces to society.
There are too many earnest, young, untalented performers who mount abbreviated versions of classic plays and who have minimal directing and acting abilities.
He was the classic dour, authoritarian socialist, a masterly desk and committee politician but disdainful of and untalented at electoral politics.
Within mere minutes, she's given a job singing backup for a deeply untalented song thrush.
Accounts of Bandinelli given in Giorgio Vasari's Lives and in the Autobiography of the sculptor Benvenuto Cellini represent him as jealous, malignant, and untalented.
By feigning a nervous breakdown, he convinced his parents to let him enroll in the Peabody Conservatory of Music, but he was soon dismissed as untalented.
Gatland was certainly amusing when trawling the permutations of a rugby player's gifts, with, naturally, the small and the slow and the unskilful following home the merely slow, untalented and big.
I sure hope not. Way too many untalented bimbo slunts getting tv time already.
He was a selfish, untalented and unprincipled man who rode roughshod over his mother.
All of which is good news for us ad consumers too because it will hopefully spell the end of all those homemade ads created by untalented punters.
One dimension is that, because women are expected to be givers, talented women tend to remain unrecognized because they are expected to compensate the work of untalented bosses, who then appear to be efficient.
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If it is untalented and unpractical it becomes one of those poor creatures who never get anywhere.
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