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How to use unreadable in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word unreadable? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
It was also virtually unreadable because, apart from full stops, he used no punctuation.
His eyes glinted with unreadable emotion, his cheeks stained with dried tears.
This reduced the text to an unreadable level when the CSS specified sizes in ems, but only reduced it slightly when specified as percentages.
Nova looked at Mr. Hamilton deadpan and shifted his eyes toward Jocelyn who was sitting at her desk with an unreadable look.
With a nearly unreadable signature, Jerry signed his name and anxiously took his seat at the back of the room, polishing his silver-painted tuba.
He wrote one inimitably brilliant work, one wryly enjoyable one, some amusing pieces, and everything else is admirable but largely unreadable.
They are unreadable inscriptions, and as such convey the permanence and provisionality of all inscription.
Let's also see whether you try to make it as unreadable as you can, by jumbling up the paragraphing.
The typesetting shows problems as well, and the kerning and word-spacing in some lines is so awkward as to render the line almost unreadable.
Nathaniel drifted off, his green eyes glimmering and a spark of something unreadable flashed over the leaf-green irises.
It is widely agreed in publishing circles that many of these manuscripts will be unreadable, unpublishable junk.
Her features unreadable, she deliberately replaced the glass on the table before her, leaving it untasted.
Matter becomes the matter of words, which creates structure, makes legible, interprets, against a ground of unreadable silence.
The man held up his warrant card, even though the laser reflections from shiny clear plastic made it quite unreadable.
His body was rigid, his gaze unmoving, fixed on some point on the wall behind the German, his expression entirely unreadable.
It is true that, in bad weather, radar beams can be reflected off waves, causing false echoes or making the screen unreadable.
Something unreadable flashed across her face, and he set his teeth and whirled around to stalk out of the room.
Michael's expression was unreadable, but the twist to his lips gave Marcus the impression that he had guessed what was wrong.
Some retailers have only grudgingly implemented it, in some cases by using a typeface which is small enough to be unreadable.
Teesside Magistrates Court was told that trading standards officials also found foods whose use-by dates were either unreadable or non-existent.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It would, of course, be easy enough to get together a dreary little volume of unreadable and unsaleable song.
Besides plays, now unreadable, he wrote two long novels and a number of short tales, which all bear witness to the fantast in him.
Since we met, I've written the first draft of a novel, which is unreadable, and a play.
She watched his concern, her pose languid, her eyes raised to him, but as unreadable as ever.
It was an unreadable expression to me then, and even in remembrance it is no clearer.
On the other hand, cabbalistic works become almost unreadable on account of the prevalence of Semitic over German words.
But what if, in this process of enriching, the work be made unreadable?
She did not take it, but looked around the room with unreadable eyes.
Page 212, subscript for O in chemical formula was unreadable.
His works are the most famous and the most unreadable in all Germany.
He could not write an unreadable book, this American artist.
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