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How to use unloving in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word unloving? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The idea, for example, that the prince of Wales was a bad father, an unloving father, was proved wrong almost immediately for everyone to see.
I just hadn't realised that so many straight men could be so selfish and unloving towards their offspring.
Mary Tyler Moore, after years of nurturing that chipper television identity, had transformed herself into this cold, unloving matron.
Even relationships can be affected, because the person with SAD can become irritable, unloving and unlovable, says charity Mind.
Aaron in particular has come to know the woods, hills and lochs intimately, as substitutes for his remote, unloving parents.
Are we now meant to aspire to unloving, mean-spirited, aggressive domestic disharmony?
And why bring unwanted children into the world, why should children be brought up in an unloving environment?
Ranked against him are the hideous shades of the Inquisition and directly in his path is his unloving, tyrannical father, the King.
At that decisive moment, they will realize the danger of their unloving hearts, impure thoughts, and immoral actions.
Yet, with their stern concern for purity, the Montanists were not unloving.
Cold, unloving, and often working women were blamed for their children's impairment.
The inherent abusiveness of our capitalistic, unloving, unaccepting society revisits itself in the family, producing narcissistically wounded individuals.
Her resentful and unloving husband Edward Casubon, and the idealistic but impoverished Will Ladislaw.
Dean tries to reconnect with his mother, but she remains distant and unloving.
Supporting actors include Robert Patrick as Johnny's unloving father, Tyler Hilton as a young Elvis Presley, and Shooter Jennings as his father, Waylon.
In 1140, after the mysterious disappearance of a Shrewsbury clerk, the young Meriet was brought by his unloving father to a Benedictine monastery.
She hasn't, I think, asked herself why, if his wife is as unloving and chilly as all that and the children are grown and gone, he hasn't left home?
Authoritarian parents are not unloving, rejecting, or cruel.
He had a difficult relationship with his parents, particularly with his mother, whom he saw as distant and unloving.
He witnesses to the fact that trouble, strife, severe unloving, need not be the end.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Here it is the work of your own hearts, of your loving or unloving thoughts.
I suggest that the beam in our eye is simply our unloving reaction to the other man's mote.
It was a bitter pride that was pushing her into this unloving marriage.
Only did he know hurt, such as any child knows under the blow of a thoughtless or unloving mother.
The clay of White Fang had been moulded until he became what he was, morose and lonely, unloving and ferocious, the enemy of all his kind.
When a philosophy tries to change people the result is to be cold, unloving and all too often brutal towards those who may not agree.
It has been said that only the unloving and the unloved escape from the pain of grief.
A blessing on them as they go, softening our hard, unloving hearts!
How hard, how selfish, how unloving she had been towards him.
It is the first caress her unloving husband has ever offered her.
You would be more to be pitied as an unloved or unloving wife, than she.
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