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How to use tow in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word tow? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
A woman dashed out of her house in her pyjamas to disturb a thief who was using a tow truck to try to steal her car.
During slack water, tugs tow freight barges and rafts of logs through the narrows with scant room to manoeuvre.
While the liner was being escorted into the harbor by a tow boat, a fountain display, folk dancing and music shows were put on for the visitors.
Have these people never walked on a leafy tow path, admired the multi-coloured boats or acknowledged the cheery salutation from a bargee?
Visiting Oxford in his mid-sixties to see a young friend's coxing, Monty excitedly ran along the tow path shouting encouragement.
We first hear her favourite phrase when she returns, victrix, with the Revd Elton in tow as her newly wed husband.
I will soon be able to buy an engineless accommodation barge to tow behind in traditional waterways fashion.
I was dragging a 20 ton snigging chain around to the back of the truck to hook up and tow another road train.
Doesn't this seem as if the agency would push tow pilots to be commercially licensed?
Barbara has driven her Skidoo, loaded with custom-made leg-hold traps and other gear, me riding my skis at the end of a tow rope behind.
Reel-type mowers, which often tow multiple reels, are the type most often used by golf courses for finishing fairways and greens.
An Orkney Towage tug carried out a long-distance tow this week, towing a broken-down Dutch coaster to Invergordon.
She was trapesing around the world with backpack in tow while I was still struggling to be me in my own backyard.
It allowed for the building of locks, tow paths, basins, dams, wharves, embankments, and toll houses.
I didn't find out about that until later, because I fainted at the sight of him and wasn't revived until the tow truck came.
The vehicles are equipped to push disabled cars off the freeway, or the deputies can call a tow truck if necessary.
Presumably that hitch is used to tow a boat, or a big camping trailer, or something like that.
There were parking attendants and tow trucks there issuing tickets and towing vehicles away.
Conversely, if the break down occurs in a highly urban and volatile area, the best course of action may be to immediately hook up a tow bar.
One end of the chain hooks on the tow bar in the bumper and the other wraps around the shrub or tree.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Hearing this speech, I seemed to behold myself swinging by a tow from a tree branch, a death not beseeming one of gentle blood.
They behaved precisely as if I had a girl in tow and wanted to be left alone.
He disconnected the tow bar and the two officers climbed out into the cold night air.
Had it not been taken in tow by the runabout, it could not have remained an estray much longer.
While attempting to tow her off the next day, the towrope got foul of a rock and was cut.
It may not be amiss to stitch up the wound, to keep the tow in, and let it remain forty-eight hours.
The steamboat, meanwhile, had lost practically no time in wooding, as the tow was so light as but slightly to impede her speed.
Finally we got a soldier on a bicycle to go into Tilburg and get a motor to tow us in.
They may find they have more tow on their distaff than they know how to spin.
He'd made up his mind to tag a nice little mommer's boy, with a tow colored top and a girly voice.
K is a carrick bend, useful for uniting tow ropes or large hawsers to each other.
The tow is then removed from the brush by a doffer roller, from which it is finally removed by a doffing knife.
Tugs were sent to tow the vessels through the Bosphorus into the Black Sea.
There was a wheezy steam launch belonging to the trading post which would tow the boats up the Bia River as far as they desired.
We could take you and your aunt in one of the rowboats, and have the motor-boat tow it.
Then they were unbent from the cleats, and reeved together to make a long tow line.
Invert the barrels, muzzle downwards, while you refix your dry tow on the rod.
Just fasten your boat to the other rowboat and I'll tow you.
This they tow to the spot, and sink it horizontally with mud and stones.
I did not care to tow the islander against the swift current.
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