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How to use short-sightedness in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word short-sightedness? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
We found an association between this opacity at the back of the lens and short-sightedness.
Correction of short-sightedness can generally be achieved with glasses or contact lenses.
This affects the development of the eyeball, making it abnormally long and causing short-sightedness.
He wasn't especially harsh, but he reminded me of my short-sightedness and silly academic pretensions.
Much of the their analytical short-sightedness was arguably due more to cultural assumptions than to economic theories.
He regarded the philanthropic schemes of the day as characterized by sentimentality, short-sightedness, and hypocrisy.
In the final analysis, the short-sightedness of contemporary film culture prevents us from viewing our own time through fresh eyes.
A few months later, the editor expressed his outrage at the short-sightedness of the judicial opinion.
The overconsumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates during childhood may set up chemical imbalances that predispose to short-sightedness.
The Australian researchers reject the conventional view that short-sightedness is a genetic problem in the East.
The threats to its success lie in greed and short-sightedness.
This is because they are at higher risk of long-sightedness and short-sightedness, and glue ear which can result in hearing loss.
But, once more, her unwillingness to strike a discordant note among those she respects gives the impression of confusion or short-sightedness.
Unfortunately, however, the short-sightedness of a government concerned with maintaining power at all costs has made that dream impossible.
All of these emphasize this government's short-sightedness and inability to respond.
Ordinary people must not suffer the consequences of the banks' short-sightedness and the speculators' greed.
This is all quite mind-boggling and shows unbelievable short-sightedness where the economic reality is concerned.
A great deal of courage will be required to overcome inertia, routine, short-sightedness and conservatism.
We feel that, in this respect, there may have been a certain naive short-sightedness.
That is the short-sightedness, frankly, of the government's approach to assistance for seniors.
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At present, however, we are but incidentally interested in the short-sightedness of the people of the Pelican State.
What is concerning is not the lack of faith in Cook, but the short-sightedness and knee-jerk reaction of investors.
As a result of Labour's short-sightedness our country and its people may be deprived of much-needed jobs.
Now we are all paying the price of our politicians' lack of backbone and short-sightedness.
And here I must pause, to point out to you the short-sightedness of human contrivance.
Never before had he been guilty of such miserable short-sightedness.
It's just another example of the short-sightedness of the Government.
This has been going on for six years and the technology is so far out of date that this may be the last one as no-one will have such short-sightedness again.
The short-sightedness of Wieland has also been detected in his poetry.
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