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How to use short-sighted in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word short-sighted? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
I was slightly short-sighted, so on top of the eye patch I had huge correctional lenses.
He is worried that short-sighted attitudes toward new technology are foreclosing creative possibilities that we have yet to even conceive of.
One can only pity the dismally short-sighted group on city council that believes this is a good idea.
Mr. Speaker, the parliamentary secretary should know that those studies are absolutely bogus, shallow and short-sighted.
Merely increasing visitor numbers at all cost is a very short-sighted approach.
Opting for Brussels, however, is not the only way forward and would be a divisive and short-sighted move.
Today's shortage of physicians can partially be explained by short-sighted planning.
True, creating an avoidance area around the location of one sighting of a pair or female during one survey is a very short-sighted measure.
Financiers base their predictions on producer behaviour, and are short-sighted in the way they incorporate other information.
They are short-sighted because they entail a permanent loss of human capital and growth potential for the economy.
However, it would be dangerous to shorten our perspective and render ourselves short-sighted when it comes to the future.
It's short-sighted to avoid delegation because of the financial investment it requires.
The slapstick possibilities of a short-sighted furniture shifter must have seemed irresistible.
She was short-sighted, which meant I had to read her everything from the board.
To a short-sighted person, distant objects seem blurred, while near objects can be seen more clearly.
The demise of such a useful service is short-sighted and penny-pinching and will prove to be a false economy.
Why do they call him, variously, treacherous, untrustworthy, racist, pig-headed, short-sighted, dishonest, stupid and vicious?
They also check that a child can follow movement in the normal field of vision, and is not short-sighted or long-sighted.
This would enable two streams of traffic to continue in and out of the city, rather than the short-sighted solution of closure.
This policy is based on the extremely short-sighted assumption that a terrorist needs to push buttons to make a bomb explode.
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Examples from Classical Literature
They are short-sighted in this, for they overlook the results that must attend the alliance with Urbino.
Very good, but try to come with some old nun who is short-sighted.
He was dreadfully short-sighted, and there is no pleasure in taking in a husband who never sees anything.
Why, you poor short-sighted simpleton, can you not guess who this Noirtier was, whose very name he was so careful to keep concealed?
And short-sighted writers admire his deeds from one point of view and from another condemn the principal cause of them.
He was short-sighted and when he spoke looked at you with a peculiar intensity.
He peered at her with his short-sighted eyes, and from her to Caron.
For they are simply short-sighted trustful people, the myopic victims of the salesman and saleswoman.
Henderson, by comparison, was a short-sighted, bowlegged wee man from Caldercruix and unlikely ever to claim matinee idols looks.
Fifty years ago, there was no such thing as only needing glasses for reading, being long-sighted or short-sighted.
Totski laughed angrily when he thought how short-sighted he had been.
Netanyahu's placation of the settlers, including coalition partners, is short-sighted and dangerous.
How deplorably short-sighted are the wise ones of your world.
Mongondro was a sweet-tempered, mild-mannered little old chief, short-sighted and afflicted with elephantiasis, and no longer inclined toward the turbulence of war.
It seems to be very short-sighted and uncaring of the council.
Privy Councillor Wurmt, Chancelier d'Ambassade, was rather short-sighted.
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