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How to use set about in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "set about"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
So, I got all my cards re-ordered, and set about getting replacement loyalty cards, congratulating myself on not losing my head too much.
I slammed the kitchen door on the pair of them and set about icing my cake.
I pulled the waffle mix out of the cupboard and set about mixing the batter while Noriko got out the waffle iron and plugged it in.
He transcribed them and set about making a set of 14 parts for horns, trumpets, trombones and timpani.
When this deal is out of the way we will then set about floating the company on the gray market.
Smiling his smile of acknowledgment and gratitude, he draped his long overcoat over her shoulders as he set about making the morning meal.
At noon the next day, eyelids heavy from jet lag and cascades of sunshine, we set about exploring.
Eight fire engines raced to the scene and set about tackling the blaze which firefighters said covered almost 30 acres of the field.
As I set about planing, jointing, gluing and sanding the pieces, I also began a creative argument with the wood.
They set about to swiftly close the case and make an example of the alleged perpetrators, who were quickly railroaded to prison.
On an unseasonally nippy May Tuesday, two women, a man and a young girl wheeling a baby's buggy, set about cracking open the votes in Kinsealy.
De Jong set about tracking down the original owner of the picture by going through the white pages.
On the following day conditions were better and everyone set about striking camp with a will.
Now the Government has set about building new roads and airports all over the shop.
He set about reclaiming the land, building the castle and laying out formal gardens.
Not so long ago I set about rediscovering it for myself, in the company of a Native Canadian.
The gun merchant asked for an initial order of 300 grips, and Lane set about tooling up for the project.
I tucked the key in my pocket and finally set about wrestling my hand properly through my sleeve again.
Missions were built and zealous Franciscan priests set about converting the Indians living in their pueblos.
I zipped him up inside my comfy top thing so that his head was poking out from just under my chin, and I set about cooking dinner.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He set about skirting the rockfall, still searching the ground for traces of beetle wheels.
It was his direct object to vex the Marquis, and he had set about it with all his vigour.
I found out at once where they lived, and set about effecting this delicate charge.
Then he drew to him a block of copy paper and set about heading and subheading the story.
Wherefore, I think it were well that we set about doing what we decide to do instanter.
Isabel ran into the house, and, with one look at the chest, set about preparing her supper.
He therefore set about translating the Prophets on his own account, in order to be able to quote any desired passage in Chaldaic.
Just then an inhabitant of the place set about repairing the old well and found tais body in the cave at the bottom.
Its effect was to so embitter Palmer that he set about getting rid of Jake at once.
And so full was he of the idea of how to set about cleaving the log that he forgot even his zither.
He set about gathering the water bottles and gourds that had not been emptied.
To his delight, the machinist said he could easily repair the chain, and he set about it.
I set about helping him, and for an hour we labored at this hasty and toilsome moving.
He smiled at the sight of the small basket of rosy peaches daintily set about with maidenhair fern.
They instantly set about their ablutions, and began to repeat the bismillah.
His relatives and friends then immediately set about requiting her with the just penalties of a perfidious breach of contract.
The bearers of the kitchen, who were also reliable travellers, set about the cook camp.
Rattleton set about unfurling the sails and getting them ready for hoisting.
The windows in the red castle are of thick, dark glass and are grated and mullioned and set about with iron.
Instead, he set about doing them favours, that so they might be the more willing to oblige him.
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