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How to use out of order in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "out of order"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
It is absolutely out of order to suggest that an honourable member of this House is committing treason.
Housing bosses have apologised to residents of a Bradford 14-storey tower block over a lift that has been out of order for seven months.
Previously, dilatory tactics were out of order only after cloture had been invoked.
Other essential parts that are sometimes out of order, are headlights, indicators, hooters and interior overhead lamps.
This is merely badgering the witness and editorialising, so you know, Senator, on both grounds your propositions are out of order.
This means constantly reflowing the displayed elements, which may be delivered out of order.
This would mean that individual sinks, urinals, and toilets would go out of order on a regular basis.
My brother-in-law had a phone installed three weeks ago and it has been out of order longer than it has been usable.
The idea of climbing five stories of stairs made his head spin, and the elevator was out of order.
Then when I got to the office I found that the lift was out of order and that I'd have to climb all the way to the 4th floor using the stairs.
His books do read best chronologically as he always has running storylines, but I've read them out of order and it's no great problem.
To rule eight motions, dealing with the same subject matter, out of order is just guillotining debate.
At Midway in 1942, Navy pilots trained to attack in a precisely choreographed sequence ignored their instructions and attacked out of order.
At first I thought it might be a problem with sequencing so I tried playing the record out of order.
It was Fiona's first day at Nursery, so his weekday morning routine was out of order already, and I put much of his bad humour down to that fact.
Despite being ruled out of order on several occasions Dr Cowley continued to address the point and was eventually dismissed amid uproar.
The amendments in the name of Dr Nick Smith have been ruled out of order as they are inconsistent with the previous decision of the Committee.
Someone attempted to ask a question and initially the Speaker in his wisdom ruled it out of order, but upon reflection he allowed it.
Even if that point were correct, I suggest that the question is out of order on another ground.
In the past, moves to protect the environment have been ruled out of order because of trade legislation.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Or I see the ikon is out of order, and I set it to rights, or pour in some oil.
It would take a tremendous amount of coincidence to put all three of the interacting systems out of order at once.
It cannot be, for Mr. Purgon says that it is my liver which is out of order.
The nervous shock had thrown the stomach out of order, inhibiting the secretion of gastric juice.
Different parts of his life flashed at him, all out of order and irrelevantly.
Thoughtfully sipping my beer I heard him dial and report a jukebox out of order.
She wears seven rings on one hand and four on another, and rustles so when she walks she sounds like a churner out of order.
At nine, Poncelet bought a watch that was out of order in order to study it, then took it apart and put it together correctly.
It is also known that when the human system is out of order it secretes poison.
In a short time his electroplating vat was put out of order.
Physically he seemed nearly as much out of order as facially.
The saskatoon ferry was out of order, so he could not use it.
The compensator is very simple and not at all likely to get out of order.
Jeddah Mayoralty spokesman Muhammad Al-Baqmi said that the clocks were removed because they were out of order.
Fowler took to a tree, and shot Indians till his gunlock got out of order.
He said it was out of order, and he's tinkering with it the last few days.
Likewise, I've lost count the amount of times I've parked up in a rush, gone to put money in the meter but found all the meters are out of order in that area.
Some years ago the clock in the tower of the mosque got out of order.
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