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How to use one-sided in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word one-sided? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Oozing confidence from the outset, the Jarlaths' boys were rampant in the first 25 minutes of an exceedingly one-sided contest.
It's not a one-sided conversation where I continually whine about how much wearing pink sucks or something, but he really contributes.
In time, this paid off and the one-sided conversation with New Zealand began.
On one occasion he saw the captain approaching the radio room so he picked up the phone and began a one-sided conversation.
Tens of thousands attended rallies to express their revulsion at the one-sided conflict and the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis.
Derrick shrugged, remembering the look on her face when she caught him and the horse involved in the one-sided conversation.
Laura normally just stood there and sighed while listening to the one-sided conversation.
Australia's match against Bangladesh should be a one-sided contest with attention focused on the match against England in Bristol on Sunday.
The election for the prime minister's office was a one-sided contest that was never in doubt.
So Cordelia realized how pointless their long one-sided conversations were, Kerowyn thought with the slightest air of smugness.
The paper has never published details of these one-sided conversations for fear of legal reprisals.
He did it in sensational style as he stopped the man ranked fifth in the world after just 97 seconds of a one-sided contest.
How dare they spend a day focusing on such one-sided issues and call it education.
But I think it is a serious mistake because it merely encourages the worse kind of one-sided, unfair attacks.
A democracy encourages free press that provides both sides of the issue, not a one-sided Party mouthpiece, which the press has become.
Inevitably, during a lull in what turned out to be a rather one-sided contest, the assembled spectators created their own entertainment.
Academe is at it again, allowing a one-sided, biased article on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
I see your compliance to publishing this man's diary as completely inappropriate, not to say shamefully one-sided and deeply biased.
They abandoned their former biased one-sided view which is of course an encouraging sign.
I must, however, take issue with his very one-sided comments directed at club professionals.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But the characters of men are one-sided and accept this or that aspect of the truth.
But it was a one-sided struggle and lasted only for a second or two.
Yet the one-sided silence lived, with the terrible tenacity of evil.
I shall try to avoid falling into the error of a one-sided view.
It is the anthropomorphism of the age that fixes on the one-sided conclusion.
This is especially the case when the imbibition of the cell wall is one-sided, and causes a bending of the cell.
It is a self-destructive dualism, a confessedly one-sided monism, agnostic as to the fundamental problem.
If it acts in a one-sided way, it causes the particular form of stimulation which we call phototaxis or heliotropism.
The reader is probably acquainted with the Fescue Grass, with its awned flowers arranged in one-sided panicles.
It is a one-sided argument to maintain that because of that the Chinese are unassimilable.
Marriage has ever been a one-sided matter, resting most unequally upon the sexes.
The document was plainly one-sided and would be regarded in an English court as against public policy and unenforceable.
As a lay member of the ELCIC, I am ashamed and embarrassed by his one-sided points of view.
As an allopath, graduated from an accredited midwestern medical school, I have many one-sided opinions.
He tipped his derby one-sided and started off on a cakewalk.
Besides being advocates of bold action, this section also represented nationalism, which made them still more one-sided in the dispute.
Insistence on discontinuity between both Testaments and going beyond former perspectives should not, however, lead to a one-sided spiritualization.
The man liked the European costume, and ere long Passepartout issued from his shop accoutred in an old Japanese coat, and a sort of one-sided turban, faded with long use.
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