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How to use newness in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word newness? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Given the relative newness of the venture, it may be too soon to be talking about revenue, much less profits.
And after a while, after the novelty has worn off and the newness stales, this once secret entity becomes common, and reluctantly accepted.
I am sure you are, please find your seats and remember that newness is not an excuse for unpunctuality.
Another finding was that the newness of the technology contributed to the staff's underuse of some equipment.
By speaking of the new wine and new wineskins, Jesus was pointing to the newness of the divine life that he had come to give his people.
As such, there is some level of novelty, newness and innovativeness involved in any start-up venture.
When I first strike a pose, the newness of it is very vivid in my mind and body, and it is clear, definite, and well-defined.
Some onshore wind power is now price-competitive with fossil fuels, though investors still worry about the newness of the technology.
His opponents on the ultra-left demand we save our party from newness and demand a return to an oldness that never really existed anyway.
Because of the newness of these findings the data are presented in some detail.
After about a year when the newness of the relationship is wearing off couples begin to face more of life's situations together.
Using different types of apparatus will give you a sense of newness to your routine and allow you to remain challenged.
The furniture was late colonial style, red cherry that was still shining in its newness.
Indeed, does the love for sequels indicate that the very idea of artistic newness has become old-fashioned, obsolete?
Officials are blaming delays on the newness of the centre and improvements to the quality of assistance being offered.
It is also a year of newness for our magazine, DMA, our silent partner in the process of self-formation.
What similarities there are lie in the sense of freshness and newness.
And since we know from experience that newborn newness is as temporary as a dewdrop we are making the most of it, short of keeping the little sleepies awake too long.
We are so accustomed to the motion picture that we seldom give a thought to its newness.
This recording is not reaching for grandiosity or gimmicky newness.
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Examples from Classical Literature
So when you throw slurs on our plumb newness and shininess, I've got the cards to call yuh.
If the note itself is not new, there must at least be a newness of emphasis and insistence.
Great bales of osnaburg sheets, or wagon covers, were in a pile by themselves, glistening white in their newness.
Absolutely nothing on your person gives offense, either in newness or oldness.
Its newness pleases me all the time, and it is about the only new subject I know of.
But for her son it still had all the misery of perennial newness.
There the flush and bloom of newness were oppressive to the right-minded.
Its newness and desolateness of appearance revolted me, just then.
And the street was Dawes Road, fulham, in the day of its newness.
There, shining with newness, she saw a handsome upright piano.
The newness of the idea is the chief reason for our dislike of it.
It's likely that the 2011 season could be a highwater mark for the Twins as the newness wears off.
And as for the uniforms of the soldiers, they were newness and brightness carried to perfection.
Everything from the table napkins to the silver, china, and glass bore that imprint of newness found in the households of the newly married.
It gave one a feeling of newness that was almost embarrassing, although it didn't seem to embarrass our appetites.
The newness of the Waku Waku Gate, which was created based on Honda's original idea, was expressed by its unsymmetrical design.
In spite of the shock, the newness, Dr. Stern was sensitive to nuances.
The insight afforded into Clare's character suggested to her that it was largely owing to her supposed untraditional newness that she had won interest in his eyes.
Don't get carried away by the newness and the hotness of this marketplace.
Like certain chintzes, calicoes, and ginghams, they show finely in their first newness, but cannot stand the sun and rain, and assume a very sober aspect after washing-day.
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