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How to use lunacy in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word lunacy? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
We need to preserve places we can go to when we need to get away from the lunacy of urban, busy cities.
Perhaps, if his presence is counter-productive in the squad, talk of him being forced out shouldn't be so readily dismissed as outright lunacy.
It will not prepare moviegoers in any way for the depths of lunacy this brainily stupid movie plumbs.
He can climb all over an opponent, and he can fling a game and a set and match away in moment of sheer lunacy.
It'll be interesting to see what it's like with fun being at the top of the list rather than some kind of careerist lunacy, you know?
Socks are so cheap that it would be lunacy to spend time darning them and plastic is so cheap it is almost free.
For Australia, a country with the most competitive coal industry in the world, this is economic lunacy.
His fast, free-wheeling style, is inspired lunacy, and his helter-skelter of a show promises the audience the ride of their lives.
Of course, someone had to file a lawsuit, which serves only to elevate this already overblown subject to new heights of lunacy.
While these may seem like the basic rules in fine winemaking to you and me, they border on lunacy in the case-driven world of wine sales.
As the World Cup lunacy begins, I intend to summon up my two cheers for anyone who has a hope of beating our English friends.
He was an up-and-coming comic then, a strange androgynous mix of lunacy and manic energy.
That laugh, that insane laugh, that maniacal smirk as the madwoman's yellow eyes glinted with lunacy.
I prize my mental instability and nurture the lunacy which manifests itself within my cranium.
The heat of asphalt, the lunacy of traffic and the depravity of narrow alleys crowd in on the characters.
Or maybe he would prefer something along the lines of suicidal confessions of a mind bordering on death and raving lunacy.
It does not supply the answer in the situation of an infant, a person under lunacy or overseas.
She rises like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of her lunacy to become the first woman psychoanalyst in Switzerland.
For one whose obsession has been certifiable by the commissioners of lunacy, here surely instead was proof of pure sanity.
He is said to have come from the East, with his maenads, fauns, satyrs, and wine lunacy.
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I used to be one of his staunchest supporters, but I draw the line at lunacy.
Like other idealisms, patriotism varies from a noble devotion to a moral lunacy.
Men he had seen in love impressed him as lunatics, and lunacy was a thing he had never considered worth analyzing.
So, to my fond faith, poor Pip, in this strange sweetness of his lunacy, brings heavenly vouchers of all our heavenly homes.
Does not lunacy strike you, Bertie, as being a very eerie thing?
So this amiable lunacy had its bearing on the economy of life!
Here proof of the lunacy of the maiden aunt would be sufficient.
But in his red eyes the flame of lunacy was slowly mounting.
For an hour that magician went on shuffling and pulling off boots till he had shed as many as twenty-five pair, and I was hovering on the verge of lunacy.
It was based on the deep persuasion that the man at my side was insane with quite another than Carnivalesque lunacy which comes on at one stated time of the year.
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