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How to use insanity in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word insanity? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
It leads to insanity and death, and soon brings about marked changes in the temper and in the health of the etheromaniac.
We may be the most self-indulgent country in the world that isn't a tax haven, but you get some really cool stuff thanks to our insanity.
It was scapegoated just before Prohibition took hold of the United States, its detractors claimed it caused insanity, blindness and even death.
The next day federal marshals brought him back to Baltimore, where he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.
I stayed there for a few minutes and considered if I'd be able to plead temporary insanity when I committed matricide.
Catch the insanity on and off the stage with The Kids in the Hall as they barnstorm across North America on their historic 2000 reunion tour.
Indeed, psychiatrists do not talk of insanity but prefer to use terms such as mental illness or mental disorder.
Its title, the bell jar, is a metaphorical explanation for what her insanity felt like.
Beelzebub is slowly entering the boys, and through the use of Jack as a minister of evil, delivering the boys to insanity and corruption.
She is able to talk about the beauty in women in such a way that distorts it into a kind of straight jacket of insanity and uncontrollableness.
Suddenly, with a force propelled by sheer insanity, Charles lifted him bodily and pushed him over the railings.
Let me tell you about the non-stop insanity, the constant chaos, the perpetual pandemonium.
The same jury took less than four hours on Tuesday to convict her of capital murder, rejecting her insanity defence.
For proof of my parents' heartiness, or perhaps their insanity, I point to one of our family vacations.
If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, the Democrats are certifiable.
If repetition was the definition of insanity, millions would be certifiable each and every New Year.
Then again, you could always remember her for her infamous temporary insanity and overactive imagination.
Epilepsy does not shorten life or cause insanity or subnormal intelligence.
I feel like a crazed kid at a concert who has, in a moment of sheer insanity, jumped off the stage in a grand, sweeping swan dive.
They sought to weed out those who opposed capital punishment or were apparently too sympathetic toward an insanity defense.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This, the second or persecutory stage of delusional insanity, may persist through life.
It is often found in cases of insanity of the obsessional or of some other type.
There is no consumption nor scrofula, and insanity and hydrocephalus are rare.
Poe could indeed do it, although he hovered at times near the border of insanity.
And because he had too abiding a gentleness to say it, the insanity of her anger rose anew.
But the act she was meditating now was one which seemed like the act of insanity.
I have read and known certain kabbalistic triflers, whose insanity provokes my unceasing as astonishment.
Another periodical insanity is kleptomania, in which insane stealing occurs at intervals of greater or lesser regularity.
Occasionally alcoholic insanity takes on a paretic form, or it may be epileptic.
The cases in this family seem all to be instances of manic-depressive insanity.
This brings us to a form of insanity which the obsessive may well bear in mind, namely, that known as manic-depressive.
The trial court dodged the issue by directing the jury to find the prisoner not guilty on the ground of insanity.
But the rapt bard was blinded, as his utterances show, by what now almost appears to have been a fit of delusional insanity.
Possibly the doctor's prediction of insanity had lain dormant in some brain cell from which it was now emerging to frighten me.
There is no more danger of insanity attacking the worrier and the delicate than the robust and the indifferent.
It's best not to be too intelligent about insanity and dipsomania and all the other hereditary details.
She took up her abode with me, and shared with me every disgustful and perilous office which my mother's insanity prescribed.
This insanity may be due wholly to the overdevelopment of the primary ego in the child.
Sanity and insanity are, roughly speaking, states where progressive or regressive thinking rule.
It was perhaps partly one of the general results of the Revolutionary insanity earlier, partly a symptom or sequel of byronism.
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